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Monday, 13 August 2007


Captain Jack

The shrimp cocktail and ceviche you ordered look excellent, and the rest of the menu is intriguing as well. Thanks for ferreting this place out for us Cathy.

ed (from Yuma)

Yum - looks good. They have a nice seafood selection, and it sounds like they know how to make a coctel. You should try the campechana - with all the seafoods together.


Looks delicious! It's been awhile since I've had some good Mexican food and this one is not too far from work. I'll have to try Ed's suggestion.


Love your site. La Playita looks good. The website seems fine. I followed your link, and it worked ok.
Dying to try some of the restaurants you've reviewed. I think the first 3 are gonna have to be Ba Ren, La Playita, and Birrieria Y Pasteleria La Nortenita.
Keep up the great job.


Hey Cathy - Man, this stuff is the perfect cure for the recent weather!


Hi, CJ! Everything here is so fresh -of course it has to be- and it will be part of our 'rotation' for quite a while. Totally could be overlooked and now won't be!
I am assuming the "Super Crazy tostada" is a campechana, Ed. I'll know soon enough... :)

This is all really good seafood, Carol. Fresh Mexican seafood... and it fulfills a lot of my cravings. Even though the place is tiny and has no air conditioning, we will go back.

Welcome to our blog, and thanks for the kind words, Stephen. We try to just give our take on meals we have eaten and let you enjoy vicariously. I am glad we have given you some new places to check out.

Hey, Kirk. Yes, the food here just hit the spot for this bit of heat wave we are going through. I bet the soup will be good during the 'winter' out here. I can't wait to try it, actually.

ed (from Yuma)

Looking at the menu more carefully, the place seems to have blood clams - which may be the name of the black clams that I run into in Yuma. I think Alfred mentioned that when he went taco trucking here in Yuma. If so, definitely worth a try.


Yes, Ed...I was curious about those. I am curious about everything anyhow, so will either get as a 1/2 dozen or maybe just in that Super Crazy Ceviche. It sounds good right now, actually...dinner time is close.


That place is sooo good. I've only been to the one on Convoy Street, south of Balboa.

This is a site I have enjoyed for a long time and I'm not surprised that you uncovered this gem.


Welcome, Keefe! I am glad you stopped lurking. Now, I am curious. There isn't another La Playita location that I know of, and no Mexican Seafood places near that corner...I just drove by and looked...But I did see a few other corner places I want to try now. Too bad it is only breakfast time. We love La Playita and Mexican seafood in general.


hello,thank you for your comments about la playita restaurant,i went for a first time and the fish tacos are so good,i also enjoyed "camarones ala diabla".
here is the new website:


Hello and Welcome, Carlos! Thanks for the information about the website- it is up and working well. I changed this post about it. I do love the fish taco here as well as everything else. Will try the shrimp diabla soon...and when it is cooler out, I want to have some of the soups from the menu. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

Captain Jack

Hi Cathy,

I finally tried La Playita this morning and all I can say is wow! I had the vuelve ala vida (mixed seafood) cocktail, and the mixed fish and shrimp ceviche. Octopus can be tough, but in this cocktail it was full flavored and very tender. The ceviche was top-notch as well. Make sure to try the refrigerated, house-made hot sauce, it is awesome added to the cocktails. Thanks again for this great hole-in-the-wall find.


Hey, CJ! This morning, eh? Gosh I love it here. I did take a photo of the house hot sauce and didn't mention it-it does compliment the flavors. I add it about halfway's like a whole new dish. Amazing hole in the wall, eh? A wonderful place for food with a different atmosphere. It isn't bad, more home-like than anything...


I hate to poopoo you guys review and pleez excuse me for lurking and being a first time poster. La Playita is not that great. Their seafood cocktail was minced pieces of various seafood. I will only say to try

Mariachi's Mexican Food
393 N Escondido Blvd
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone: (760) 740-8581

and while you are up that way stop in at Banana's Fruits & Salads Inc. 162 W Mission Ave. 745-7567 or La Michoacana Fruits & Salads. 200 W El Norte Pkwy Ste 11. 745-0594 for a ensalada de frutas togo.


Hi, Craig, and welcome. I got the mixed seafood cocktail last Friday and watched them shuck the raw clams in front of me. The conch was chopped as were the squid and octopus pieces, but in front of me, not a pre-chopped packaging or anything, and the shrimp and scallops were whole in the cocktail. Everything was freshly prepared and I got to see it all mix and cook in the lime juice.

I will be going to Escondido soon for some work and definitely will want to try the places you recommended. Everyone has to be a first time poster; it is OK if you didn't like it at La Playita. It has always been excellent for me, especially this past very hot summer.


If you feel that strongly aobut La Playita I will definitely try it again. I totally respect your taste and respect for food and culture. I ran into this site on a random search about a year ago and find it an excellent source of foodism in SD. Unfortunately, I am practical vegetarian now and can only live vicariously through folks like you. Get your eat on!


PS. If I wanted a great fruit salad, cheviche tacos or any of the Mexican ice cream deserts I'd go to:

3647 University Ave.
San Diego , CA 92104

I couldn't find a post for this spot.


Hey Craig - Fruitlandia is wonderful......I haven't been there in a very long time! Thanks for the reminder.


Hi Craig- sorry for the late reply. I did only get the mixed seafood cocktail that one time...and go for the all shrimp or all clam more often. Thanks for your kind words. It is fun to blog, and let iothers live viacariously. Thanks for the suggestions- I haven't been to Fruitilandia in forever...that will be a great post for one of us to do. I sort of don't plan the posts, it is just wherever and whenever I have the camera with me, and I eat.

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