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Monday, 20 August 2007



Hey Kirk! I think I'll stick with Sakura since it's closer to me and Izakaya Masa doesn't seem as good. I love a good katsu curry over rice and the one here just doesn't look all that appetizing. Don't care for runny curry. I need to try Sakura's--I noticed the guy at the table next to ours eating curry over rice and it was thick with lots of "things" in it. Thanks for the review!


Hey Kirk!
The monkfish liver looks really interesting, esp the two toned color! I don't think I've seen it on any menu here in Hawaii, maybe I'll just have to look more carefully next time :)


You had me at the deep fried sticks of food. I'm salivating, seriously!


Hi Kirk,
You must have a tape worm brother. I could never keep up with your voracious appetite. Looks great, Especially the Monk fish liver. One of my fav fishes.

jeff c

AAAAyahhh, you've done it now Kirk, you've set the Katsu don monster free again. My wife will rue the day that I discovered your blog.


Nooo! Peeling panko is a sin against fried foods.

They should have named it "Cowboy Izakaya".


I've yet to try the place, and I drive by it at least twice a day (to and from work). I think I'll finally give it a try. The curry is tempting me.


nice pics, Kirk. Thumbs down on the "runny curry."


Hi Carol - You know....I've never had the Curry at Sakura, it seems that I'm always distracted by other things.

Hi Kathy - You've never had Ankimo? Check it out...I think you'll love it. Get it from a good sushi bar, though......

Hi Elmo - Oh-oh, you'll need to put out the "caution, drooling monster" sign now!

Hi Michael - You'll love this....when I first read your comment, I thought you said, my Brother was a tape worm....had to read it again! LOL!

Hi Jeff - Yours is not the only monster set loose. Guess what the Missus had me make for dinner? Yep, Katsudon......

Hi CP - I love it, Cowboy Izakaya...."Oh give me a home, where the Maguro roam....."

Hi Toisan - The menu is nice and varied, it's pretty good. I didn't care much for the curry though.

Hi RONW - he-he-he, make that a double thumbs down!

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