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Thursday, 16 August 2007



Hi Kirk, long time no write. Been here reading yours and everyone elses food ventures. Always leaves my stomach growling. ;)

I think they leave out the shredded coconut for the kelaguen is for health reasons.

Now I feel like making some chicken kelaguen... with the coconut.

* Excuse this post, just took some medication.


That Kelaguan sounds SOOO good right now but it's too late to eat even IF I could get my mouth on it!!

I've made something similar except with chopped ham, thinly sliced sweet yellow onions, cooked (and cooled) bean thread, sliced fresh jalapenos, lime juice, and fish sauce with fresh ground black pepper to finish.

Okay, maybe it's a whole different dish. I call it Ham salad and it's a cold dish. Have you found something like it?

GOSH I'm hungry!!!

Wandering Chopsticks

This is why I love your blog, Kirk! A Guamanian/Chamorro restaurant. How do you find this stuff?


I've been going to this place for a couple of years. It's perfectly located between the office and home, so it's so convenient to stop and pick up food there. Their orders are pretty generous. Oh, I tried the Hawaiian place in Serra Mesa. Got my fill of Hilo Style Loco Moco.


hi kirk
great post! now i'm hungry!

i've been there a few times - mainly to use their (buy 1 get 1 free) coupon in the entertainment booklet. they do give huge portions; their food is all right, but yokozuna's is closer to home if i want guamanian food. :)


Hi Kirk,

I'm new to blogging. I'm surprised, and a little shocked, to see how quickly I've gone from curious to enticed. I read about Islander this morning and spent the day trying to figure out how I could fit a visit into today's work schedule. I couldn't, and now I'm obsessing about that Kelaguen Bowl, which, until now, I didn't know existed.

Pleae tell me it gets better...



Hi Jean - How are you? I hope all is well. You may be right about the coconut....kind of a bummer though.

Hi Daly - Wow, that sounds you have a post about it? BTW, I keep forgetting to put up a link for your blog.

Hi WC - Actually, there are at least 2-3 places in the greater San Diego area that serve Chamorro food. You know, I just kinda keep the "radar" up, and do some driving during my spare time.

Hi Toisan - Yes, the portions here are quite large...that Kelaguen bowl is about all I can manage.

Hi Reynila - Now that you mention it, I haven't been to Yokozuna's in ages...and they "do" put coconut in their Kelaguen...they even have beef kelaguen if I recall.

Hi bbqdreamer - It gets' better all the time!!! ;o) It is quite easy to get kinda obsessed with this.


hey kirk! i think the reason why they leave out the coconut is because a) it's a pain in the butt to shred, b) it's a little costly, and c) the product spoils much faster when you add it. but what do i know, i make it at home! also, when we made red rice at home, we sautee onions in bacon fat and add that to the rice. it's a little oily, but totally ono.

there's a chamorro-esque restaurant in whittier--next time i'm in town, maybe we should check that out!


beef kelaguen? I don't recall seeing that unless it is new. i do like the coconut in their chicken kelaguen though. my co-worker's husband is chamorro - i keep bugging her to have him make it for the department. nothing's better than homemade!


Hi Santos - Let me know when, and I'll do my best to meet you! And bacon fat rules.....sounds ono!

Hi Reynila - It has been a while since I've been maybe it isn't on the menu anymore? Nothing beats homemade!


I've never had Guatemalan cuisine. It looks really good.


Hi CP - Chamorro food is very tasty. Guamanian BBQ is a bit on the simple side, but some the stews, and Kelaguen is good stuff!

Guam Gal

I make kelaguen all the time for our family gatherings. Make sure you barbecue (grill and charcoal, but on Guam we use tangan tangan wood...grows wild in boonies,makes barbecue taste natural) the chicken that is just lightly salt and peppered and you would like to cook it thoroughly. Use whole chicken so you have white and dark meat in the kelaguen. And you must put the's just not kelaguen without it. Put fresh lemon juice (calamansi is really good but local lemon is the best), salt, hot pepper, green onions/yellow onions and some coconut. Gof maolek!


it took me awhile to actually find this place. the kelaguen bowl over red Rice is really tasty!

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