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Sunday, 05 August 2007



Another example the axiom:

Nice looking Vietnamese restaurant = not so great Vietnamese food.

Steamy Kitchen

darn. I had such high hopes after reading the beautiful name of the restaurant.

Captain Jack

Thanks for the love Kirk! Too bad Green Papaya did not turn out to have better food. How would you rate the broth alone?


Hi Elmo - LOL! I agree. I also think that if you have a upscale looking Vietnamese restaurant with higher prices, you kinda expect the food to have that "something extra" as well.

Hi SK - I know, it's such a nice looking restaurant....

Hi CJ - I prefer Pho Sao Bien's broth. But if you enjoy a lighter broth with anise/clove overtones you'll enjoy the broth here.


Skimpy pho meats makes me a sad panda.


Hi CP - I couldn't agree more....


Hello Kirk, I love reading your reviews. I was so eager to try Green Papaya, but I guess it can wait now =) It's sad to see a restaurant doesn't live up to it's decocration. But I'll try it someday when I in PB area. I also want to say thank you for reviewing my restaurant a few weeks ago. My sister and I have been your fan for a long time. It's always been our dream for you to come into our restaurant and write a review on us. Thanks!


Hi yummieyummy - Thanks so much for the kind words, you should still give this place a try, though I think you may be even more discriminating than I am!


Yes I will stop by when I'm in PB area. So happy reading your reply =)

friend of the owner

couldn't disagree more.


Hi FOO - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. But since you're the Owners friend, maybe you could be more specific...what do you disagree with? I'm sure it is not these statements - "The interior of the restaurant was very nice, clean, well lit, and tastefully appointed", "garnishes ....were very fresh", "the brisket had excellent flavor", "the tendon was a buttery soft", or "Overall, the service was very nice, as is the decor". Of course those statements are "right on the money", correct?


Hi Kirk, I just ate here but it's called Pho Time now. I didn't think it was bad. Maybe I was flattered that they used one of my pho photos in their menu! haha


Hi Dennis - Well, hopefully the Pho is better there now!

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