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Friday, 10 August 2007



That shopping center does have one of the more crazy-making parking lots out there, doesn't it? That Indian buffet is actually quite nice--don't let the fact that they took over the space of a former favorite restaurant put you off checking it out. And thanks for reporting on the pizzaria. I confess that, as an ex-pat New Yorker, I have tended to avoid anyplace out here that purports to serve New York style pizza for fear it would just never measure up to my memories. But I guess I just need to get over myself and check it out, huh? :-)


I love hearing about new places. Gotta go and try them. thanks


This is one of my favorite places! One evening I rang and begged for a pizza to be delivered. Alas, I was informed I was too far away. Five minutes later the owner called me back to inform me of a closer pizza place that would deliver to me. That action has solidified my loyalty!


Well Miz D, it may not be exactly what you remembered (as I get older, I find that certain things will never be the same...)but it is excellent pizza. I Have been meaning to try the Indian place out, just never got around to it. There are worse parking areas around town, though.
Hey, Michael! I guess this pizzeria has been around a while, I just haven't been in that area enough to notice it. Do try it.
Hi, Birdie -great story- One that all business owners should follow.


When my husband and I lived in Allied Gardens we used to go there for pizza fairly regularly. The people were nice and the pizza always good! :) You're right about the parking lot though - it can be tough to find a spot sometimes.


Hi Joanne- I love finding (or just knowing) these more 'local' places to blog about rather than the brand now 'see and be seen' places that are so publicized. This is a real food place.


We found out about this place a couple months ago via Yelp. I agree, it's quite good. It is out go-to place for pizza now. Also, I really hate that "new yorkers are jerks" stereotype that that 'other' pizza place reinforces...


Ah, Yelp...I merely drive around and stop at places, dave...interesting idea. Glad you know which 'other' pizza joint I mean. I do like the food there though and have found if I walk in and there is no line/it isn't busy, I don't get the attitude.


My wife and I have been eating at A Brooklyn Pizzeria since it opened a few years ago, as a nearer alternative to B...x (the place whose name shall not be said). She's from Philly, and I'm from D.C. and I grew up behind the counter of a pizzeria very much like Brooklyn.

Their products are familiar, as is the soap opera that goes with them. The short version: Lou started the place with Nunzio's help, they hired James, then Dennis, then James left, then Nunz left. Then Nunz came back, then Dennis left and Lou died. Then some other guy bought the place, hired DeNardo, then (in the last week or so) DeNardo and Nunz left.

This place has occasionally provided product that was fantasic, a real touch of home. The pizza crust is chewy and has that perfect yeast bite, and the sauce is wet enough to make "juice" but thick enough to hold the cheese in place.

Then sometimes, the food is just ok. Some guy named Jack answered the phone the other day and sent me an adequate calzone.

The difference seems to be Nunzio.

So now I'm back to driving 20 minutes to B...x, and I'm looking for Nunzio, who I think may have bought the place behind the liquor store at Zion and Mission Gorge.

The things we go through for a decent pizza...


WOW! It is a soap opera. I do like the consistency of the
placewhosenameshallnotbementioned, bbqdreamer(and welcome to our Little Blog, by the way)and thought I could settle in at this is indeed so much closer to home for me. Well, you are right, the quest shall continue. Of course, with my blogging about it...strange hobby, eh?


Cathy, I've been lurking for a couple of months, always enjoying your take on the many places in MY rotation. The strange part, to me, isn't that you write about this stuff; it's that you guys and I so often agree, down to the flavor of the soup, the quality of the service, and so on.

By the way, I just returned from that pizza place at Zion and Mission Gorge, where I asked about Nunzio. The fellow knew him but couldn't say where he is now. I have another lead though: New York Bakery on Main Street in El Cajon. Nunz used to buy sfogliatelle from them for the counter at Brooklyn. Great little shop, by the way.


Hey, again, bbqdreamer...well, we are kind of in the same neighborhood...East of 15...but The Mister and I do drive everywhere (just click onto "What Cathy Eats" and you'll see stuff from La Jolla and Chula as well as Valley Center) and I think I have helped Kirk a bit by giving that "White Girl from East County" perspective on some of the places around here...Being Polish and raised in Detroit and marrying a guy from Finland who was raised in Boston kind of makes for an unafraid to experiment palate I think... Oh, and The Mister and I were at the New York Bakery last Friday for breakfast snacks...I do have photos on the camera post yet. It is good there also. The new guy at Brooklyn is friendly. I will be getting a calzone from there soon, just not on a day when it is 95 degrees in Santee. :)


For anyone looking for Nunzio, he is now at Pop's Jersey Cheesesteaks in the Von's shopping center in Pacific Beach.

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