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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Steamy Kitchen

why can't I live in SD?


the map is a great idea! two comments: i really don't get the dao son lovin'. maybe i have just ordered the wrong stuff. also, have you tried Super Cocina across the street from the Pupuseria? They have some great home-style mexican, and you get a great amount of food for $6.85.


Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm always happy to help seeing how you've given me (and everyone else who reads mmm-yoso) so many great dining tips over the years. It's funny because looking at your rotation, it looks like I ended up eating at 90% after reading about them here :-)

PS I added Hogetsu to the map.


Hey Kirk, the map is a great idea! Great rotation list too. I've never thought of my own list but here goes:

1. Mo's Island Grinds
2. Bugga Korean BBQ (newly added - replaced Korea House)
3. Spices (Mira Mesa/RB)
4. Chin's (Rancho Bernardo)
5. Dominic's Ristorante (Poway)
6. Sushiya (RP) - this will be replaced by Izakaya Sakura shortly
7. Ba Ren (newly added)
8. Frankie's Italian Deli (Mira Mesa)


I never got a chance to tell Howie how cool the map thing is. You can tell where you and I live and work based on the concentration of those arrows..kind of an odd way of looking at our lives and habits.


Hi Kirk, You are right, I used to think the Pupuseria was the ugliest restaurant in San Diego, but that was until I seen Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food! Both places have really good food inside. My rotation:

Thai – Thai Grill in Hillcrest
Japanese – Tajima on Convoy
Korean BBQ- Buga in Clairemont
Pizza – Marino’s in PB
Chinese – China Max on Convoy
Chinese – Hot – Ba Ren in Clairemont
Japanese/ Vietnamese – Dao Son in North Park
Mexican Fast Food - Ramiro's in PB
Mexican Tortas - La Torta in PB
Mexican Home Style – Super Cocina in North Park
Salvadorean - El Salvador Pupuseria in North Park
Burgers – Hodads in OB
Italian - Buon Appetito downtown
Bar food – Liar’s Club in MB and Cass Street in PB
Spanish - Costa Brava in PB
American – Crest Café in Hillcrest
Breakfast - Original Pancake House on Convoy
Brunch (Sat) – Baja Betty’s in Hillcrest
Brunch (Sun) – Westgate Hotel Downtown
Prime Rib – Bully’s East in MV
Cajon - Bud's Louisiana Food Shoppe on Kettner
Southern – Huffman’s BBQ on Imperial Ave
Soul food – Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food on 54th
Peruvian – Latin Chef in PB

ed (from Yuma)

Great Rotation. But Latin Chef got left off the map.

I wish I spent enough time in SD these days to have a true rotation. sigh.


Hi SK - LOL! Believe me when I say the Steamy Kitchen would be on my rotation if I lived within driving distance!

Hi Dave - With Dao Son...we go directly to the rice dishes, and the Vietnamese items. Catfish with Eggplant, Red Chicken, Garlic Chicken. As for Super Cocina, I drop by once in a while, but don't go often enough. Last two times I visited, I forgot my camera to boot.

Hi Howie - Thanks again for all your help!

Hi Carol - You need to try Shangahinese Breakfast at Chin's on Miramar.....

Hi Cathy - Yes, Howie's maps are great tools.

Hi Jim - That's quite a rotation - sounds like you could have the next two months planned ahead!

Hi Ed - But you have a Yuma rotation! he-he-he maybe Latin hef got left off cause we don't want people to find it! I'll let Howie know.

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