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Wednesday, 11 July 2007


clare eats

Hey Kirk!

I just have one question, how does being thoughtful make the bun bo hue at mien trang taste bad? LOL sorry I just couldn't help myself!


ohno kirk, how could you post this tonight?! I just had my wisdom teeth removed, and cannot eat anything but pudding and smoothies!! :(


I just wanted to thank you for mentioning this dish a while back. I tried it at Ca Dao in Mira Mesa and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'm definitely heading to Mesa College Drive soon. Ahhh man...might need to go for lunch. ;)


Ahhhhh -- bun bo Hue, how I love thee. What a relief to hear that Mien Trung is open again. I shall have to make another pilgrimage real soon now. Thanks for making my stomach growl, Kirk! :-)

jon o

Because of you I eat better. Because I eat better I enjoy my city more. Dig you Kirk! Keep it up. I owe you a beer one of these days,

ed (from Yuma)

Great having lunch with you at Mien Trung. It is every bit as good as you have described. No wonder it was packed. Also great to read others' responses to your posts. Because of you, a whole lot of us eat way better!


That's 1st bowl of Bun Bo Hue looks so good. I don't need to eat it to know it's perfect BBH.

Too bad I'm 3-time-zone away or I would go to that place right now.


Hi Clare - Actually the BBH at Mien Trung tastes great.

Hi Kathy - Hope you're back in eating shape soon!

Hi Jan - Thank you, for commenting! It seems that BBH has an addictive quality to it.

Hi Mizducky - Yes, we were so relieved. It was nice that "Mom" got a vacation though.

Hi JonO - i'm sure that I'll take you up on the offer one of these days. Thanks for all your emails, they always make my day, and keep me inspired.

Hi Ed - Good stuff, huh? Seems so simple, yet so complex....

Hi Yippee1 - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! If a bowl of BBH would survive shipping, I'd surely send you one!

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