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Monday, 23 July 2007



Hey Kirk, I'm jealous...wish we had taquerias and taco trucks here in the islands...would be pretty convenient for times when you craved for real tacos...and I don't mean Taco


those look like "real" tacos compared to the tacos we have back in the islands.


Kirk, the taco wrap, is it soft? I'm only used to eating crunchy wrap. Has the soft wrap got any taste?



off topic, just wanna say that Sammy and Frankie are so cuteeee!


Here I was, finally getting so settled in and very happy to be home in hawaii...and then you, gasp, feature tacos, the single food item you know is scarce around here! :)



Kirk, time for you to go to Casa D'el Taco (sorry about the pretty plain name. This place's name does not live up to its wonderful food. No, its not the Del Taco fast food chain either, LOL!).

Though it does have tacos, including the TJ variety of the kind Tacos El Gordo and this Tacos El Rico sports, its claim to fame is its 'regional' specialties.

I am a fan of their Yucatan Conchinita Pibil and Michuacano Carnitas. MMMM-YOSO, Señor! Best Carnitas in San Diego County! Its a Pork Fat Thing!!!

Casa D'el Taco is in that shopping center behind 'Ben's' on Sweetwater Rd. in National City.

Its a few shops down from the NC De Kines!

Give it a try!


Hi DWF - LOL! I'll trade you a few taco trucks for a few lunch wagons!!! Man do I miss good grindz....

Hi RONW - Yes, these are pretty much the basic TJ style tacos. No iceberg lettuce here!

Hi Thess - Sammy and Frankie thank you! The tortilla are soft and made of corn(masa) water, and lime. I love the flavor of good corn tortillas.

Hi Kathy - There has got to be decent Al Pastor in Honolulu now, right?

Hi Bri - Welcome, and thanks for commenting. Mahalo for the suggestion, sounds great....I'll stop by when I'm in the area again.

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