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Saturday, 28 July 2007



Saurkraut with caraway, onion, mushroom and sometimes bacon is a side dish I grew up with...take away the bacon and mushrooms, add in carrots, wrap it in a bread dough...the perfect food! Now I want to go to Seattle!


I hope you are enjoying Seattle! Piroshky Piroshky is one of my very favorite places to stop when I'm in the Pike Place area. :)


I've heared so much about the Pike Place Market from friends who are from Seattle...must take a trip there one day! I just had a piroshky from a place downtown last weekend, I'm afraid it didn't look or taste nearly as good as yours! :)


Hi Cathy - I enjoyed the combination of flavors...but I guess it was a bit much for the Missus!

Hi Joanne - I'm a bit behind on posts, so this is from a few months back. But that doesn't diminish the piroshky's!

Hi Kathy - Knowing your fondness for markets, I have no doubt that you'll enjoy yourself. Is that piroshky place on Fort Street Mall still there? It wasn't very good, but was still a good change of pace.......


Kirk, didn't a commentor on a post last year, or perhaps the year before, leave a pronunciation-key on the correct way of saying "Piroshky"? Maybe it was Cathy.


Was this a recent visit? I thought Seattle and the vicinity was suffering from a heat wave?


Hi RONW - You know, I kinda remember something....maybe on Reid's blog?

Hi Elmo - This was a few months back....I still have one more Seattle post to go.


Wow thanks for that cool little tour of a part of seattle. Love how you capture the local scene so well. It gives me an idea of what the city is like outside of the fictional world of Grays Anatomy and Frasier ;) those russian pastries sure look good!!! would love to try the saurkraut ones :P~


Hi Rachel - Thanks....we love Seattle. And I forgot about where those shows were based as well....


Man, I gotta stop there when I pass through Vancouver next month. It looks awesome.


Hi CP - Stop by in the morning, before the's really a nice place to hang out.

karol losada

I am trying to find the number for the person in the market place that sells the stick people earrings. Can someone give me the phone number or email address?


Oh wonderful...I am on my way to Seattle after an absence of 24 years or so and this is just such a beautiful reminder of a lovely place to visit and EAT...of course!


Hi Tenina - I hope you have a great time. We love Seattle, it is a wonderful city...great folks too!

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