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Monday, 09 July 2007



"I've been known to consume 8-12 dozen..."

Is this a typo? That's a lot of oysters :-) I don't blame you though; those oysters look absolutely beautiful.


Good lord - oyster PORN!
It's been so so so so long that I can recall enjoying oyster shooters.
Pretty much hard to find a place you can trust around OC.

steamy kitchen

I am SO *($&!U$#@% jealous!!! I want some oyster porn too!


OMG - you can eat a lot of oysters in one sitting, lol! I can't even remember the last time I've had a fresh oyster, this post truly is oyster porn! :)


OMG is right...that's an awesome amount of oysters to eat! Looks delicious though... Any side effects from the large amount of oysters consumed? :)


looks like you've been doing a lot of traveling lately!

144 (12 doz) oysters in one sitting sounds delectable. any idea where i can get some good oysters down here in SD b/c Seattle's just a tad too far? btw, images of Nathan's hotdog eating contest keep floating up to my mind.


wow kirk you travel far for good food! elliot's is very good for oysters, right there on fisherman's wharf. last time I was there with some of my cousins we had at least five dozen including some other bar food. I also enjoy that pink salt that is included. do you like how seattle does parking, by taping the receipt to your window.


This is where my Seattle relatives took me for oysters so I think it's a local's spot too. We need to meet up for Oceanaire's $1 oysters at happy hour!

Wandering Chopsticks

Whoa! I like oysters too and all but I can't consum 8-12 dozen in one sitting!!! The only oysters I know I like are the little Kumamotos. But I like oysters in general anyway. :)


Hi Howie - On my first visit to Elliott's over a decade ago, I was totally blown away by the oysters and consumed 12 dozen! Believe it or not, I went back for dinner! I have a pretty nice story about it, so maybe one day.....

Hi Billy - Really? I think there must be some great oysters to be found in the OC....

Hi SK - already have gnocchi porn(man, that sounds really.....) going on!

Hi Kathy - As you can see, we love our oysters!

Hi DWF - He-he-he.....only good side effects!!!

Hi CSB - Oh no, not a Chestnut/Kobayashi eating thing.....these oysters are to be relished! We took about 2 1/2 hours. I've had decent oysters at King's Fish House(I know it's a chain), and as mentioned below, Oceanaire(also a chain, but a bit more pricy) is supposed to have good oysters as well.

Hi Nick - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You'll find this funny, we hardly ever drive in Seattle, we find the public transportation quite good. And we usually stay Downtown anyway, so even though we've had a car at times, we enjoy the walking.

Hi Candice - $1 oysters sound great!

Hi WC - I've found that as my age increases, and not so coincidentally prices as well; I'm not able to consume quite as many oysters. But on my first visit to Elliott's I did finish 12 dozen, and paid just about the same amount as on this visit. Times sure have changed.....
BTW, I know you're having technical difficulties, so I really appreciate you making the effort to comment!


Hmmm, eating oysters in a month without an "r"?!


Hi Craig - Nice article from Gourmet online:

To quote:

"These days, you can find good oysters in the summer; as mentioned in the magazine, some growers keep their oysters in deeper (colder) water so that they don't spawn and become oozy and bitter."

Or maybe this one:

To quote:
"Today, the best thing about oysters besides their taste is the fact that we can eat them every day of the year, including those months without the letter "R."

To quote:
"Q. Can I eat oysters in months without an "R"?
A. Oysters can be eaten year round because of present day refrigeration. Formerly, oysters were eaten during months having an "R" in their name. This old "R" rule is no longer followed, and availability alone now governs when and how oysters may be eaten. In June, oysters spawn, which make them less plump; they are still safe for consumption."

To quote:
"Folklore says that oysters should be eaten only in months with "r's" in them—September, October, etc. Maestro S.V.P. educates people that oysters can be eaten 12 months a year. The notion that oysters should not be eaten in "r"-less months—that is, months that occur during warm weather—may have started in the days when oysters where shipped without adequate refrigeration and could spoil. But today all that has changed and we can enjoy oysters twelve months a year."

The water temperature in the Pacific Northwest is much colder, so the oysters don't get into spawning mode to change the texture and flavor. It is important to know where your oysters come from, you really don't want to get a bad case of Vibrio parahaemolyticus:

So bring on the oysters!!


Wow, and I thought I could throw back oysters. I think my most was 3 dozen. The Mister and I don't go out for oysters much anymore (sad, sad, sad), only on special occassions when we go to places like Oceanaire. Guess if I ever get up to Seattle, I'll know were to go!


Yum! I love oysters! My favorite style is steamed and shucking them myself...but raw is good too! I would have loved to been a third wheel for this adventure! Oh now I am pea green with envy! :)

Alice Q. Foodie

I loove those Seattle seafood places, they're just more "real" than the places we have here - and there's nothing better than good oysters and beer. If you guys do the Oceanaire happy hour - please call me, I'm dying to try it!


I really enjoyed reading your world is my oyster post even though I've eaten a total of 2 oysters my entire life, and those were fried oysters which I didn't like that enormously. I might eat those Kusshi and Skookums oysters if I can find them....they sound awesome.


As a Valley Girl would say "OMG!"

I'm in awe of this. I am in love with oysters, and you just made me salivate on my shirt.


Hi Carol - The oysters at Elliott's are very good.

Hi MessyJessy - We always enjoy ourselves here.

Hi Alice - If we do an Oyster happy hour, we'll let you know.

Hi RONW - There's gotta be places in Honolulu....just where I'm not quite sure.

Hi Elmo - LOL! Gotta find an oyster bib???

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