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Thursday, 26 July 2007



Looks and sound fun I love happy hours to bad I can't drink worth a lick. Typical Asian syndrome ;-)


never understood that "pepper jack" thing, either. However, the half-off specials....that I can live with.


Hi, Bill! It was fun and filling. Usually there are only 6 beers on tap and I taste a bit of each and finish one of the dark ones...this was unusual and nice. But I can tell you I did not drink the majority of libations that night...yet I took some pretty bad photographs of the food....
Hey, Ron- I am glad someone else understands my problem with pepper jack. We haven't done Happy Hour in a long time, so this was fun to be able to blog.


Hi Cathy,

I started looking at the menu and thought it was vaguely familiar, but I've certainly never been here. Then I figured it out; have you ever been to Callahan's Pub and Restaurant in Mira Mesa? Because the menu there is the exact same as SD Brewing Company, even down to the microbrews on tap. I wonder if they have the same owners or something. Btw the Brewman's Plate is my favorite thing to get there too!


Hi Artie- We went to Callaghans maybe 15 years ago...with a coupon... I absolutely never put the two together. It may have been different then though...before SDBC was here. The Brewman's is exactly what I like. I apologize for the rotten photos of this particular post, especially the Brewman's...not sure what I was thinking. It tasted good though. I am glad you aren't lurking any more. We will check out Callaghan's next time we are up there.

ed (from Yuma)

That looks like a great deal. I've never been there, but it looks like its worth a visit.

I actually like pepper jack, as jack cheese is so boring. But usually I use it on a cheeseburger or a panini. Adds a nice jalapeno taste.

Of course, I like sourdough breads as well - I think that comes from the fact that the first big city I ever visited was San Francisco.


Hi Ed- Sorry I did not respond sooner. SD Brewing Co. is a nice place. Happy Hour makes it nicer. Next time you are in town, maybe?
Even though I don't crave pepperjack, I eat it...and the same with sourdough...I just don't choose it if given a choice. Both go with the beer.


Well, looks like Gordon Biersch is getting a run for the money. But they have one at McCarran Airport. Does San Diego Brewing Company have one at Chuckie's Airport?


Hey, Mr. B! Nope, not really much in the way of gourmet or alcohol at the Lindbergh Airport since it isn't a hub for anything. We do have some beautiful Public Art going on inside and outside of the terminals though. :)


Nice. I did not know this existed. I am so *THERE.*


If you live more north, Chris, Callaghan's, on Mira Mesa Blvd is the, prices, happy hour, beer...

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