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Sunday, 22 July 2007



That's a lot of food for one person. I would of joined you! ;-)


Hi Ed - Remember the saying, "there's no free lunch"? I guess we can amend that to, "There's no free dinner(advice)!"


I had a similar experience recently at Hacienda de Vega. I ate the Enchiladas en Mole. The mole was wonderful, comlext, and rich.

The problem was that it was too rich. I couldn't finish it. That's too bad because I really enjoyed the first half. ;)

ed (from Yuma)

billy - wish you'd been there. I took some of Mr Fish with me in a doggy bag, which I discovered a week later floating in my ice chest.

I did feel wasteful (and waist full as well), but I didn't know when I would get another chance at Green Village, so I went whole hog (that's an appropriate term in this context, isn't it?).

Captain Jack

Excellent post Ed, I really enjoyed reading it. I may have to road trip up there this fall and camp out in a hotel for a few days of gluttony.


I have not been there for a while. I think a trip there this weekend is in order. We are too lazy, we always end up at Din Tai Feng, which is across the street from where we live.

Andy 美國土子

Green Village in Chinese is called 大上海 (P:da shang hai) meaning "Big Shanghai" for some reason they called it Green Village in Engrish. Anyways.. they have another location in Rowland Heights, in the Diamond Plaza off of Fullerton Rd.

Shanghainese dishes are supposed to be sweet due to use of sugar in many dishes.

I dotn' know what your fish is called either, but there is a similar variation in Zhejiang style cuisine called 松子魚 (P:song zi yu) which is basically the same as what you ate plus some pines, thus "Pine nut fish". I just scanned through the Big Shanghai menu (which resides in my desk) and can't seem to find it.. either. oh well... but I'm very interested what that dish is called.

oh wait... my Shanghainese coworker took me to Green Village... why don't I run over to her desk with your picture and ask her.... ok.. be back later.

Andy 美國土子

I asked my coworker and she said it was a 松子魚 (P:song zi yu), "Pine Nut fish". but I retorted by saying, there are no pinenuts in the picture. To which is replied, it's a Pine Nut Fish.

anyways..... shanghainese cuisine is sweet! great post Ed!

Art Swanson

Thanks or the great review. My eating buddy and I went to the Green Village on Thurday night and we are hooked. The service was good considering the place was packed. We tried the wine chicken and yes. one starts looing for stray morsels and errant atoms of this dish. Along with the pickeled turnips the flavor profile was great. We had to try the yellow fish in liver moss and another home run, especially compared to other versions we've tried. The portions were huge and left plenty for take along. We fell for the special braised pork dish with chestnuts, ginger, egg, and other tidbits. Porkbelly, when done right, is so good. However, we spied their pork knucle dish and that's going to be for the next trip.
My only complaint was they forgot the rice. But that has never stopped us from going back to a good eatery.
You're batting 100 for our taste; congrats.

ed (from Yuma)

Art, Andy, thanks for the information. I have had little experience with Shanghai/
Zhejian cuisine. Certainly not enough. But I like learning, and this type of learning is fun and tasty.
Art, I wasn't kidding about wanting to go back. I was very impressed with the restaurant.

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