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Monday, 16 July 2007



Hi CJ - Seems like Leilani was working real hard trying to get the PB location done.

Hi Elmo - Now that is some Aloha!


Hey Kirk, I can't believe you were surprised Leilani remembered who you were. Who doesn't know Kirk? But really, I find that's just the local way. :-)

I have yet to try Leilani's since I'm just way to lazy to drive out to PB these days. But now that they are in Serra Mesa, I will have to make my way there. Especially to try the spicy fried rice! Oh my, that looks delicious! And by the picture, it looks like real Portuguese sausage! Oh yeah! The only way I get loco moco is with fried rice so this may be right up my alley! Thanks for the review!


Hi Carol - Like I said....I've probably been on the mainland too long........ The Hilo Loco is my favorite menu item.


Hey Kirk! The Mister and I popped over to Leilani's yesterday for lunch. The Hilo Loco was really good and I have leftovers for Monday's lunch! The fried rice wasn't spicy like the name suggested but it was good with the sausages. The eggs were cooked perfect and the gravy added a very nice flavor to the whole thing. I agree that the patty is on the drier side due to the leaness (I liked it). The Mister had chili over rice. He enjoyed it and I thought the chili had good flavor. Leilani stopped by to see how everything was and the gal that served us was really nice. The Mister was a bit surprised no Kalbi on the menu. I think I'm going to try the teri burger next time.


Hi Carol - Yes, the fried rice is not particularly spicy...hence the Tabasco. I'm glad you enjoyed your meal. Leilani's isn't like one of those Hawaiian BBQ places, and so the menu is a bit different. I've got to check out the chili!


This is very interesting site...r


1 word "Ono"
Guess i no need go back to the island ... i no miss the plate lunch at Miki's anymo lol nah nah joke ... Best plate lunch place so far and the serves is #1 Ashley you make a big differents...make me enjoy my food...very nice person to talk to....K no can breath ... just want to say u gotta try loco moco Hilo style bradah!


Hi Primo - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good to know Leilani's is doing well. I haven't been there for a while....I need to get back there soon.


Today my lunch compadre and I ate at Leilani's upon the urging of a colleague. We ordered the Kahlua pork and the regular Loco Moco. Both were excellent! Definitely not run-of-the-mill; very homemade, served hot and fresh!

To top it off, the service by our young, beautiful, wahine waitress was heavenly. She was alluring, engaging, warm and very professional.

We will be back.

"The Uncles"

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