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Monday, 16 July 2007



Hey Kirk!
I love the idea of "Plate Lunch Week"!!! =) Come to think of it, I never had a loco moco since I got back, thank you for reminding me! Truth be told, I prefer "plate lunch" much more to "hawaiian barbecue"...the latter sounds so tacky/cheesy! I suppose I am also an "old-timer?" hehe :)



It's interesting that there are so many "local" food places there in SD. When I was last there, about 6 years ago, I didn't really notice any.

The teri chicken looks good. I think I need to make some...soon!

Andy 美國土子

Kirk, I don't know much about Hawaiian food, but is LOCO stand for what Hawaiians call "local food" or it used for a rice dish with an egg as in your two pictures?


hey the return of the plate lunches!!! What a great roud up .... bet it was hard work for you to do all that research *wink*

Now, even though I don't live in the US, when I visit, I will try them and refer to them as plate lunches! :P


Kirk, that "....I'm surprised she (Leilani) even remembered who I was...." You know them "local" people better than that.

also, interesting article about Eddie Flores (L&L). However, Eddie and his entire 160 "Hawaiian style" restaurants chain, lacks the proper credentials to claim that the term "plate lunch" is obsolete, because, for the record, he wasn't even a citizen, and certainly not a Hawaii resident, until he moved to Hawaii when he was already 16-yrs old.


Hello Kirk, how have you been?! (^-^)

I am eyeing the Loco Moco and Hilo Style Loco, they both look yummy! Honestly, I've never eaten hawaiian food, ever. After this comment I will surf for some (especially those 2 locos, btw what does 'loco' mean?)

I am curious of the gravy, how do you make it Kirk?

I might go to CA before the year ends, I will ask Leilanie to serve me Kirk's favorites (^-^)

have a nice day!

ed (from Yuma)

Love that intersection. Nice dark gravy on the loco. Luckily I'm still stuffed from last night's dinner, or I would be having a major food jones right now.


Looks like a typical Vietnamese com tam. Can't go wrong with easy over eggs on rice with gravy, period.

Steamy Kitchen

where's the spsm fried rice?!?!


That's how to lure me out of lurk mode a post on a plate lunch restaurant! Going back to the basics, and if I'm not mistaken, how I came upon your blog a few years ago. Anyway, looks good! You know I have to try the new spot, especially since it's pretty close. I would go to Leilani's in PB in the morning for a local-style breakfast when everyone else was getting bagels after a surf.


Oh, and btw, for me it's Rainbow Drive-In (you know how I feel about L&L)....I could live on chili and rice with maybe a slush for dessert


Hi Kathy - I agree me it will always be "plate lunch". Hawaiian BBQ is a sub-set of the whole category of plate lunches!

Hi Reid - These places have popped up everywhere, unfortunately almost all of them are Hawaiian BBQ.

Hi Andy - Loco Moco's is the dish with eggs, hamburger patty, rice, covered in beef gravy, or a reasonable facsimile. It is indeed a weird name. You can find the History of the loco moco here:

Ignore the terrible photo of the "white gravy" in the photo, it has no business being there.

I have a whole category devoted to loco mocos:

Plate lunches per se, is not Hawaiian Food, that is the traditional food of ethnic Hawaiians. Though you may find some traditional Hawaiian foods on a plate lunch, such as laulau.

Hi Rachel - LOL! It really was "no pain, no gain"..... ;o)

Hi RONW - Maybe I've been living on the Mainland for too long! That was an interesting statement, wasn't it?

Hi Thess - The usual gravy for the Loco Moco is a dark beef gravy. Drop me a line if you'll be in the area. We'll grab some Ono Filipino grindz....

Hi Ed - I'm quite sure that you're not in any state of malnourishment right now! he-he-he...

Hi Billy - Yes, never thought of it that way!

Hi SK - Gosh, don't you know? Spam fried rice is only for special occasions! LOL! ;o)

Hi Jack - Yes, I know your feelings about L&L.... At Rainbows it's the BBQ Beef (aka Teri Beef) on Bun Deluxe(2 of them) with a slush float for me! I'm glad to know you're still lurking about. It's also good to get back to my "roots" as it were.


"Drop me a line if you'll be in the area. We'll grab some Ono Filipino grindz..."

you're on!


Haven't been through that corner of Serra Mesa recently, but I think I know almost exactly which block of Greyling Drive that Leilani's is at--it's right near that El Cotixan taco stand, right? Ah well, yet another place to add to my list of places to check out... life is so tough that way... :-D


Hi Thess - Just let me know!

Hi Mizducky - You'd be surprised, there's a new market, as well as Leilani's.


Hi Kirk! Will definitely be following your plate lunch week... And I agree with Kathy... Personally, I've always thought that the term Hawaiian Barbecue just sounds plain weird...brings to mind a picture of a pineapple with ribs or some kind of tropical fruity thing with grilled meat...or maybe you're served barbecue by a hula girl? Maybe in the mainland it works, but I don't think that the "Hawaiian Barbecue" term will catch on in the islands(try asking a kamaaina if they eat hawaiian barbecue...they might ask you what's that?) ...plate lunch definitely rules here... Can't wait to see your next post!


As i was taking a (very) roundabout way home from work today, i passed the PB Leilani's. There is a sign on the front of the porch proclaiming that they are reopening this Sunday.


Hi DWF - Oh my, throwing pineapple on something and calling it "Hawaiian" drives me nuts....

And yes, it will always be a "plate lunch". I don't know how many times I've explained that plate lunch is not Hawaiian BBQ, but Hawaiian BBQ is a kind of plate lunch!

Hi Dave - Wow, thanks for the info, that is quite interesting....I'll try to check it out!

Captain Jack


I hope Lelani does not blow off the PB location. I love her loco moco and her mac salad.


NICE! I like places that not only remember who you are, but a place that remembers to buy things like Tabasco sauce just for you?! Unheard of!

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