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Wednesday, 18 July 2007



This location (which is very close to where I live) used to be a sushi bar. I felt bad for them; every time I went in for lunch, I'd be the only one there, even during peak lunchtime.

What amuses me is that the furniture and decor is completely unchanged from when it was a sushi place.


^ Hey neighbor, I live about a mile from here too.

I went in on a weekday around lunch a few weeks back and the place was packed. They probably get a lot of "Marauders" in there during the school year. Summer probably puts a damper on that action.

I agree. When I first came to San Diego, my intro to plate lunch was Da Kine's. Now I'm a junkie. Too bad the PB location crashed and burned. Hopefully Nelson can pull this one up from the bootstraps.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to go here instead of getting Dim Sum across the parking lot. ;)


if they continue pouring on the food, I'm sure the restaurant won't have a problem attracting a steady clientele. Skimping on portion size has been many a restaurant's downfall, especially plate lunch food outlets. Which is basically stupid because the restaurants could as well feature "mini-size" plates, too. Btw, judging by the photos, the teri looks authentic, seeing the gristle.

Captain Jack

If I managed that location, and I read this article, I would fire that employee's ass. It probably has already happened.


why would anyone ever name a plate lunch "wop yo jaws"?? hehe, nonetheless, i found it to be funny :)


have you been down to the Da Kine's in National City?


Hmm...I'm still not sure what Wop Yo Jaw means (maybe it's better that I don't), I like the idea of the katsu that is pounded thin.


Let's put it this way, your initial reaction to the term probably caused you to Wop yo Jaw. ;)

The Office Goat

I only live a few miles from there, myself. But it's only another mile or two from there to Moe's (f.k.a. Da Kitchen), so while we'll give it a shot, they're gonna have to be pretty darn impressive to get us to change our default place...


Hi Fred - That's funny...all you do is change the signs???

Hi Jan - But I was hoping you'd let me know how the other stuff on the menu is there! ;o)

Hi RONW - You're absolutely right.

Hi CJ - I thought it was more funny than anything else. After all wouldn't a teenager rather be doing something else on a weekend?

Hi Kathy - It is quite odd.....

Hi Reynila - I've been there, but not for several years.

Hi Elmo - LOL! Sort of means "I told you so!!!"

Hi TOG - I prefer Mo's...but this blog would be pretty boring if I only did Mo's! ;o)


I got a loco moco. It seemed a lot smaller than what I remember. I was a little disappointed. My wife had the katsu. It was tasty, but you are right about the meat to crunch ratio.

Oh well, I need to try Moe's now.


Hi Jan - I think you'll enjoy Mo's!


LOL the girl will think twice now about asking a customer how their meal was. That ought to show her that food should be thoroughly respected! The food looked soooo yummy. I could sure go some of that anytime of day!


Hey Kirk, me again. Guess I've also been on a plate lunch binge lately (no, I swear I'm not stalking you, really). Da Kine's was my first SD plate lunch about 8-9 years ago. As a matter of fact, I used to host Aloha Friday lunches at a company I used to work and I would get the catered lunch from Da Kine's. I've always dealt with Nelson and he's a really nice guy and always treated me well. The delivery guy was always really nice and brought extra packs of Aloha Soyu for me.

But like you said, the food started to go down hill for whatever reason. Nelson had told me they were doing a lot more catering back then so don't know if that added to it. I also had a really annoying experience at the PB location the very last time I was there (well over 6 years ago). Some lady behind the counter taking my lunch order refused to let me order 2 kalbi for my 2 item combo plate. Funny cuz I've been doing that for all the other times I was going there. It wouldn't have been a big deal except she gave me stink eye and gave me the back handed wave. Either way, it was a good thing cuz the ribs were not very good. Undermarinated, too burnt, and too grizzly.

I have yet to try the Mira Mesa location but in all honesty, would rather just drive a few more miles east to Mo's for lunch. I think the food is much better at Mo's. I don't care for flat chicken katsu (very similar to L&L's). Maybe I'll give it one more shot in the near future cuz of Nelson.


Hi Rachel - Well sometimes I tend to take questions literally...especially when it comes to food.

Hi Carol - No way....that's terrible. I kinda got the feeling that Nelson had "franchised" the PB and Mira Mesa locations....and that could account for some of the changes as well. Keep on stalking! I enjoy your comments.


Actually, it is Nelson's fault that Da Kine's in Pacific Beach closed down. He shouldn't be "franchising" restaurants and leaving the new owners stuck with $70,000 in back taxes that they are now held accountable for because they purchased the business without being informed of these unpaid liabilities that Nelson created. The food went downhill for a while because ALL employee paychecks were bouncing ALL THE TIME!! It is not the young man's fault that took ownership of the P.B. location. He is a victim of misrepresentation and was FORCED to close down. Nelson is NOT THAT NICE.



I think that if anyone really has any questions about the closing of the PB restaurant,they should ask me......there is always two sides to every story.....It is a shame that the damage done there will be hard to recover from, but it will be. My phone number is 858-586-0606.

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