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Friday, 20 July 2007



best wishes to Jocelyn and Mo.


is there a way you can email me?
i'm looking for a taco truck in sd for an event next week and you are the only info i've come across on google...any info on la princesita is appreciated. thanks!


I've never been a huge fan of their loccomocco patty, it always turns out super dry. But everything else there is A+! You get a pat on the back if you ever finish a whole order of food haha.


Hi RONW - Yes, they try to do a good job!

Hi Rain - I hope my emails are helpful!

Hi Clayfu - Really? I've found the opposite to be true...... You'll need more than a pat on the back if you finish everything...more like a nap!


I actually like the mushroom gravy there. Then again, I am a mushroom and onion junkie. Too bad shrooms don't fit through IV tubing. ;)

Captain Jack

Man I have to try that place, it looks great. Mmmm, mushroom gravey.


I really love a new thing that Mo created -- Mahi Mahi with lemon caper sauce. Ok, it's not traditional local food, but boy, that Mahi is ono! (And by the way, Mo and Jocelyn are originally mainlanders who got hooked on local Hawaiian food when Mo lived on Maui for a few years. But hard to tell, cuz their food is pretty down home.) Shaka!


Hi Jan - So you thinking about intravenous gravy therapy??? ;o)

Hi CJ - I think that maybe you'll be able to finish that loco moco.

Hi Helen - Actually, the first time I saw the Mahi with capers was at I Love Country Cafe, also on my last trip to Maui many people were ordering it at the Honokowai Okazuya & Deli. Jocelyn and Mo are great, I think they're originally from Chula Vista??


Hey Kirk, the Mister and I were at Mo's about 3 weeks ago and noticed there a few more new items on the menu. he had the Korean Chicken and me the Korean combo; both really good. I also had one not-so good order once of Korean chicken. It was exactly the way you describe it. But so far, that was the only bad order.

I'm, for one, glad Jocelyn and Mo decided to bring local plate lunch to SD. I dream about plate lunches (and you know that's no joke)! I have got to start trying other plate combos. Maybe next time I should just order 2 plates, my regular Korean plate combo and then something new.


Hi Kirk, I just thought it was finally time to stop lurking and say thanks for all the great information (and mouthwatering pics) on the blog. I had never heard of Mo's (fka Da Kitchen) until discovering your post on mmm-yoso maybe a year ago. I was born and raised in Hilo and really disappointed by all the plate lunches I'd had in San Diego until I tried Mo''s been on my rotation ever since. Thanks again for a great find!


Hi Carol - You dream about plate lunches? Oh my, you are hardcore! ;o) Jocelyn and Mo have done a great job.

Hi Lori - Thanks for delurking(is that a real word?) and commenting. It is always very rewarding when someone finds some use for our humble little blog. Mahalo for the kind words!

Aurora Juliana Ariel

CHEATERS NEVER PROSPER! Jocelyn and Mo are betrayers and thieves. They've launched their new name disregarding the hard work and efforts of the owners and creators of Da Kitchen restaurants in Hawaii, that includes the incredible time tested recipes, huge portions, and other elements that have contributed to their great success.

Anyone who wants to know the truth of what these people have done can call headquarters at 808-871-7782 to confirm that Jocelyn and Mo, after purchasing rights to open Da Kitchen in San Diego, and training over months with the owners to learn the secrets of their recipes and success, have changed the name to their own without the owners in Hawaii knowing! They never asked for permission, they never even mentioned it to them... and this is an outrage!

That they would now place their name over what is not their creation is dispicable. I hope that people will read this and boycott their restaurant, because what they have done is highly unethical... so why contribute to this type of behavior.

I personally know the owners of Da Kitchen and have watched the long hours each day over years they have dedicated to creating a restaurant that is really great! Now that everything is perfected and they have their great success, Mo and Jocelyn sweep in to steal their thunder, putting everything under their own name! Disgusting!

Mo and Jocelyn, I think you should drop Da Kitchen recipes and create your own and see if you can even begin to create the same success as the Da Kitchen owners have. Otherwise, you very well could be facing the repercussions of your criminal actions.

Ultimately, people who cheat and steal never prosper. I don't see anything positive ahead for this restaurant. Nothing good can ever come from a betrayal like this!

Mos Island Grinds

Mo and I have worked hard to keep this restaurant up and running. We never purchased rights to "Da Kitchen". We paid to fly to Hawaii and learn how to run a restaurant. Mo spent only 26 days learning the trade and I spent a week to learn how to run the front. After only 26 days in training and no manual or recipe book Mo had to revamp all the recipes in order to fit the taste and needs of our customers. There was never an agreement that we would have to keep the name of "Da Kitchen" or follow any certain guidelines or report to anyone in Hawaii of what we were doing.

We had no help or guidance from anyone other than ourselves and the employees that we train. Mo worked the long hours and used recipes that have been passed down over generations. Recipes such as teriyaki sauce that has been changed over and over again to make it our own. We have grown to love our customers and take their input and try to evolve into a place where they can come and enjoy a taste of Hawaii.

These accusations against us are completely false. "Da Kitchen" is not a franchise and we NEVER purchased rights or had any form of agreement with Hawaii. We did not have their recipes but a variation of what all Hawaiian restaurants provide a menu that through the 2 years that we have been open changed and evolved to what we know now as Mo's Island Grinds. We take pride in our food and work hard to provide food that is different than our competitors.

It's unfortunate that someone who knows nothing about the situation to slander us and our business. Try opening a restaurant with a name that is not well known and hoping it will succeed. That is exactly what Mo and I did. We have been blessed to have a good base in customers that came from no advertising. Our customers are mainly walk in customers from the local business. We continue to be thankful for the support that all our customers have given us. In the long run the only thing that matters is that we know we did not cheat, steal or betray anyone. We are two normal people working hard to provide food that our customers will enjoy.

Brian B

Mo has been a friend for many years. We had worked together at two different companies. Mo wanted to open a restaurant, took a huge risk and followed his dream. The food is great, and Mo is very ETHICAL. Only the people that do not know the real story will dispute. Good luck Mo and Jocelyn.


Closed by the Health Department as of this posting.

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