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Sunday, 29 July 2007



Mmm.. looks great! I keep randomly hearing about this restaurant. Too bad it's all the way up there :/


I don't get to eat out that often, but this is one place that I've been to. We have a family Mother's Day tradition of meeting at Las Ventanas restaurant in Big Sur (Wonderful place with an AMAZING view). The last time we went, my wife and I continued up the coast for a day in Monterey. My brother, who is a winemaker in Hollister (check out DeRose Vineyards the next time you are in the area), suggested Passionfish. We weren't disappointed. Great flavors. Exciting food. Mmmmmmmm!

I'd like to add that this restaurant is all about sustainable fisheries. We can a little card that offers advice about what seafood is endangered and what seafood is more abundant. Pretty cool.

I didn't realize the wine wasn't marked up. Very cool. They have a huge selection.

ed (from Yuma)

maia - I think the place is worth the trip (at least on their good nights)

Jan - thanks for the reminder about sustainable seafood. The folks at PF have always been focused on sustainability. I should have mentioned that.


Hey- it was great to meet you- you have great taste in appetizers and mains;)! I really loved all of the food at Passionfish and the service was stellar. Great review!


Sounds like Cafe Hiro in OC.
I definitely got to try this place out.

Behgo Behgo

the seared ahi looks perfectly cooked! Makes me want to have some sashimi!!

Behgo Behgo

i'm so sorry!! something happend with my window and somehow ended up posting the same comments over and over again -__- sorry sorry sorry!
hoepfully you can get rid of them!


I guess Behgo really wants some sashimi. Heh. Same here though after seeing the seared ahi, haven't had it for two weeks! The horror! Love going to Carmel as one of the places you mentioned, it has some divine food there.

ed (from yuma)

Behgo - the tuna always tastes like sushi quality. Helen doesn't like sushi, so I think one of the reasons Steve eats so much ahi is to get his sushi fix.

Yeh Liz, there are a lot of good and a few great restaurants on the peninsula. If I could just get an income transplant, I could try the really fancy ones.

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