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Sunday, 15 July 2007



Yeah, if I'm ever in that part of town to try the food. What a tease.


That does look like a pretty intense burger, probably more so because it was preceded by a big plate of fried cheese curds.

I haven't had those in a long time. I think the KFC/A&W near me started serving cheese curds, but I'm afraid my heart will explode if I try eating them again.

Wandering Chopsticks

Isn't there a Great Dane in Madison? Could have sworn there was so you wouldn't have to drive to Fitchburg. Could have been a different pub though. My memory is hazy since all I did was drink. :P I would have remembered a pretzelburger for sure.

Justin Lo

I dunno, that soft pretzel roll looks mighty appetizing. Could you order it without the burger? Lol.


Hey Kirk! Wow...coronary on a bun! Almost as good as the Luther (on the Krispy Kreme). The pretzel bun looks good though.


Hi Billy - Gotta get those fried cheese'll reject cheetos for the rest of your life!

Hi Howie - I've found that the curds need to be "fresh" fact when you shop for curds, the good places will tell you wehen they were made...preferably that morning!

Hi WC - You're correct, there's a Great Dane on Doty Street. But we stayed in Middleton. We had considered driving to Downtown, but this Wednesday was first Concerts in the Square, and about 30,000 people were expected, so we decided not to fight the crowds.

Hi Justin - Great idea! I'm sure they'd give me a pretzel roll "AB"...(Absolutely Bare). BTW, it's nice to have you posting again:

Hi Penny - My chest pains begin at the very thought! ;o)


Yummmmmmmmm cheetos.



Deep fried cheddar? Mmmm! I don't know about the burger though. I might have to vacuum clean my arteries after that one! :P


Hi Billy - LOL! ;o) You cheetos lover you!

Hi Reid - The cheddar flavor in the cheese curds are very mild. That burger was quite....interesting.


oh everything looks good, specially the cheese curds. I've never had them, but am making plans. Do they serve the poutine there?


Hi Sandy - Them deep fried cheese curds were good. No poutine on the menu. I did have poutine in an A&W of all places.

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