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Thursday, 12 July 2007



Wow, looks like I'm going to have to visit Yuma one day to sample this fine Mexican food! I've spent a couple of weeks in Mexico City, and none of the Mexican food in San Diego I've had so far has matched what was down there. It would be great to have real al pastor once again!


Ed,Great writing! So descriptive. You can almost taste the stuff just by your words.
Nice job.

ed (from Yuma)

Fred, Michael, thanks for the kind words. I don't know if Pepe's would satisfy someone who has explored the restaurant world of D.F., but overall, it is the best in Yuma. The family roots for Pepe go back to Jalisco.


It's too late, Ed!:


I love beefy Mexican soups.

ed (from Yuma)

But Trent, they didn't grab Pepe - so the New Yorkers can do what they want. billy, caldo de res - a beef and vegetable soup is extremely common in the newer Mexican restaurants in Yuma and is generally well done though it still seems weird to me to get half a cob of corn in a soup bowl.


OK, that does it. I'm on my way next weekend 120 billion degrees or not. My goodness do I like good Mexican food and boy does this sound good.

Tell Pepe he can relocate to SD any day. ;)

ed (from Yuma)

Hey Jan, this is the time to visit Yuma. Very little traffic, low room rates, and everything is air-conditioned.

Of course, right now I'm typing this sitting in Monterey.

Dr. Miguel

I used to be a fan of Don Pepe...Great Food but bad service and manners by a waiter who claimed to own the restaurant and put Jose, aka "Don Pepe" as only en employee. You see Jose is or was the owner but he is or was also the main chef. He knew how I liked my Nachos "Don Pepe" style. For several days, this guy (waiter) small size, waited on us (my family) and we always ordered the same food. Until one day he decided to stop serving me Nachos. He stated that they were no longer serving Nachos. I told him about Jose or Don Pepe being the owner etc., We left. Later I phoned Don Pepe and he claimed to be still the owner. This waiter was too much. He works during the day. We do miss Don Pepe's food but we cannot stand the waiter.


Hey Ed you forgot the best plate Pepe's special.

ps: have you try pepe's special

ed (from Yuma)

Edgardo, since I did the post I have continued eating at Pepe's and have discovered even more good things. Yeh, Pepe's special - which is pork cooked in a tomatillo sauce - is excellent. Also, my favorite chicken dish is Pollo Sinaloa, and they don't seem to have the pollo al carbon anymore. It amazes me that this place keeps cranking out such truly good food. Thanks, Edgardo, for the reminder.

Israel Jimenez

I'm Israel Jimenez and Pepe is my uncle his restaurant is awesome.


I think manjares is the best mexican restaurant in yuma.

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