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Friday, 06 July 2007



Hi Ed - I remember you pointing out this place...and I couldn't help but be puzzled. I'm glad you posted on it!


We are so there!

ed (from Yuma)

yeh, Kirk, this place has grown on me since it opened. Notice that it no longer promises American and Mexican food as well.

Cathy, this is another option for someone going through Yuma on 8. Just take the 16th St exit and head east - away from the center of town, and it's only a few blocks east of the new mall. Also, I forgot to mention, that the service is fast and competent, and since that one early snafu, I've had no problems with service at all.

Captain Jack

This place looks really great. Glad there is someone out there who won't call the foodie police if I order by beloved Pad Thai there.

Andy 美國土子

interesting Ed.. that soupy lobster noodle.. it's looks almost like what is called a 羹面 (P:geng mian), noodle in thick soup... it looks yuck.

ed (from Yuma)

CJ - no foodie police in Yuma. A lot of my students think of Appleby's as something exotic, and almost everybody is just sooo delighted that we finally got a real Italian restaurant: Olive Garden. The foodie jail could never hold all the violators.

Yuck is not a bad description, Andy.


Pad Thai is one of my favourites in this restaurant too.. Anyway, i like this restaurant a lot :) I mean it!!


We had dinner there last week during the lull in the rain. I had the Kung pao chicken, and thought it tasty but a bit heavy on the salt. I asked if they served Brown Rice, and the server said yes, but we have to charge $1 extra. OK. Rice came and was white jasmine rice tossed with soy sauce. Questioned the server and she said, wellll, some call Brown Rice, others call Fried Rice. I chalked it up to a language barrier. My companions thoroughly enjoyed their dishes. It was obvious that most of the diners were regulars, from the first-name greetings.

Also tried Viejo Loco but was dissapointed by the soft tacos. The tortillas (one each taco) fell apart with the first bite. Not grilled long enough. Decent shredded beef but curiously dry. Very dry. Relleno lightly breaded with a tiny bit of cheese. So tiny I had to excavate to find it. Good flavor on the Anaheim type chile. I'm used to the pasillas used locally in CA.

All in all a so-so experience but having seen Yuma in more detail this trip, it must be hard to keep a good restaurant going with the seasonal population. Would like to try the 4th street location, and 95 again with some of these recs of yours. Passed on your Marriot rec to my brother who lives there.

Thanks for posting!

ed (from Yuma)

Yes, Sue, Highway 95 Cafe now has two other locations - Palagor - a large and beautiful restaurant on 4th just north of 8th St. And The Fortune Cookie, in the stripmall at B and 16th. Fortune Cookie has an identical menu, and Palagor's menu is similar. I just hope all 3 survive.

Brown rice. Sorry about that. The pan fried dumplings on the menu are deep fried, which bothers me, but I didn't realize that they'd call fried rice brown rice - but you might be the first person ever to order brown rice there.

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