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Monday, 02 July 2007



aiyah! i was just putting up a review of this! haha. We went over the weekend, delicious place i liked it very much.

Time to tuck away this review for the later months!
btw everyone in my party said the shrimp >> crawfish.


This looks like a food fad I could really get into!

I confess to not really getting the current yogurt and cupcake craze.


Glad that this place got favorable reviews from you.

I wondered about this place when I went to try out the frozen yogurt at the neighboring Yogurt World and peeked at the restaurants. So straight to the point, next time I visit this shopping center it won't be for froyo but for some crawfish.

Captain Jack

Great post Kirk,

This place is high on my must try list. I just have to suck me some crawfish heads. Do you think they fly the bugs in fresh?


Hi Clayfu - Geez just go ahead and post already!!! BTW, I forgot to mention the parking lot from hell....

Hi Howie - I don't quite get the fro-yo thang either.....but it's probably because I'm soooo unhip!

Hi Darlene - I hope you enjoy yourself.

Hi CJ - If my hunch is right, they get their crawfish from Direct Seafood in Garden Grove:

This is the company that one of the founders of Cafe Artist started. Supposedly, they get their crawdads from Louisiana most of the year, with Sacramento supplying the crawfish from June to August.


Hi Kirk - foodie minds definitely think alike! This is my next review for CityBeat. Wasn't the catfish the best? I think they are switching to more normal lunch hours soon.


I tried Crab Hut about a week ago on a Sunday. We had a dungeness crab that weights 2 lbs drenched in garlic + cajun sauce at hot level. I gotta say.. it was really gooOood. My only complaint is that they don't have their liquor license yet.. and some beer would have gone really well with the food =P. But they'll get it by mid July.




Sweet! The decor looks like they followed Boiling Crab down to the color of the paint. Looks pretty cool though.


Hi Candice - That's funny! The catfish was very good.

Hi Bluegirl - You do get your money's worth here.

Hi Clayfu - LOL! There are a few places on ECB that give that parking lot a run for its' money, I'm hoping the really bad configuration is temporary.

Hi Elmo - Funny, a carbon copy....

Ellen Brenner

This place sounds terrific! I confess I have yet to get the hang of crawfish, but maybe that's only because I have yet to go to a place that serves good ones (from your description of thawed frozen ones, I now think that's all I've had so far). So I think I'll drag one of my spicy-food-loving friends along sometime to give this place a workout.


That section of convoy is always packed. I was there the other day and they've added so much stores. As if they have enough parking. But that yogurt world there is always packed!

I have to try this place one time when I'm craving some crawfish. Great post!


Hi Ellen - I think Crab Hut is an excellent value, and the Crawfish were pretty good - don't forget to suck dem heads!

Hi Alex - Thanks! Yes, this mall has been going trough what seems to be a eternal renovation. We've tried Yogurt World...and to be honest, I really don't get it....

The Office Goat

Awwww... I HATE crappy parking lots/situations. Is there an adjacent stripmall that one can park at without getting towed or door-dinged?


Hi TOG - I would try to park on Convoy, there is an adjacent side street - I think it's called Opportunity Road, or something like that. I'm not sure what the parking situation is like on that street.


Hey Kirk,
does the shrimp and crawfish taste similar to the crawfish places in Orange County?? I've been to those before and it was good.


mm, i tried this place before, it's very good and excellent pricing. Yes, i agree with you, the parking is so small, very little room.


Hi Yvonne - If you mean those crawfish places in Garden Grove/Little Saigon, then I'd say yes.

Hi Yummy - I hope that the parking lot gets reconfigured when construction is completed. That still won't resolve the problem with lack of parking though.


I love the KO seafood bag!!! I get it every time I go there. My husband cant hang with me but he gets the oysters and shrimp. Negative is the parking! I just stop going inside the parking area cause I know there is never parking, usually park a block away. Too bad I'm getting relocated back to the East Coast so this is probably the best seafood in SD.

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