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Sunday, 01 July 2007


Catherine (Koko)

O.K. Ed, you are driving me crazy.

I lived in Yuma from '84 to 99 and probably have eaten in every Mexican restaurant that was there at the time.
The Mexican food I liked the best is at Tacos Mi Ranchito on 4th and 2nd, and Las Manajares (sp?)on 8th next door to Gregston's Feed and supply. Second only to what I've had in New Mexico.

How long has that restaurant been there? I looks like it's in the old Brownie's cafe.

Thank you so much for posting from Yuma, it's always nice to know what's going on there.

If you ever get to San Luis Mexico try El Herederra on the corner of 12th and the main drag.

I do still frequent Yuma and Dillards. ;-)

ed (from Yuma)

Catherine, nice to hear from you. Brownie's is still around. Borders was called the Burrito Factory when I arrived in town, but had been closed for several years before being renovated. I agree that Los Manjares is all around the best in town. Hope to do a post on it soon. I just had more pics of the food at Borders. I have eaten at El Herederra two or three times, but I don't get to San Luis as often as I should.


Nice - geesh so tempting and I just had oatmeal for breakfast!


Argh! Now my taste buds are going crazy!!!!!!! Crazy, I tell ya!

Captain Jack

Hey Ed,

Man, I just love a good chicken mole. Did you ask if they make the mole in house? I hate it when kitchens rely on restaurant supply for their mole sauce.

ed (from Yuma)

Sher, Billy, Thanks, I think, for the kind words. Yuma is full of Mexican temptations, but this little place is better than most.

CJ - I'll ask next time, but this seems like make-it-from-scratch type of place. The guac (served as a condiment, not dish in itself) is the only thing I've ever tasted there that seemed industrial rather than artesian.

Andy 美國土子

wow.. you guys have blue skies in Yuma.. the air must be so clean!

ed (from Yuma)

Funny you should mention that, Andy. An old hotel in town (no longer doing business) used to offer guests a free nights lodging if they didn't see the sun all day long. Probably rarely had to honor that offer. We do get some clouds occasionally, but normally they are sparse and out of the way. There are two exceptions: in the winter, our main growing season here, you'll often see a beautiful gray cloud hanging in the lower parts of the valley, almost like a foggy mist from the sea. It seems incredibly beautiful until you realize that the haze is just the remains of the pesticide fog that was sprayed overnight. And three or four times a year, the wind gets up over 40 miles an hour, and dust and sand start blowing horizontally reducing visibility to a half a block or so. Otherwise we have beautiful skies, and at night the stars and planets light up the heavens.


ed--we'll be staying at Yuma Cabana--is it anywhere near Borders? Do they do breakfast?

thanks for all the chowtips

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