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Friday, 13 July 2007



I had no idea this place existed. Will try it in the morning. Great post and thanks for the info.

ed (from Yuma)

Hi Cathy, those pastries and those omelettes look good. But actually, I'm not IN Yuma right now - I'm visiting my old stomping grounds in Monterey. So no Mexican food for a few days. Seafood and 65 degree days instead. Woo-hoo!


Hey Cathy - The Missus has been fixated on that Almond guess where we'll be going soon!


Hi again, Michael. I had not actually done any 'follow up' posts before (except for mentioning Mary's Donuts in Santee twice)and only started thinking about what our "regular rotation" was after seeing Kirk mention it. I am glad you may try it. The owner was saying the expected business to slow down for the summer, and I hope it doesn't.
Hey, Ed- After I saw your post on Los Manjare, I *had* to get a torta the other day. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. We will have a hot one out in Santee today, but it should cool down at night.
Hi, Kirk (and Missus)- get there early; they sell out fast (see Roland's comment on the previous post). Even if the almond croissants are sold out, there should be something to enjoy. :)


I finally made it to this place--which I have been meaning to check out since the last time you reviewed it.

We had a salad (Nicoise, what else?) and a panini. Both were quite nice--although I would have preferred kalamata olives, instead of the canned black ones. We bought a bunch of pastries and stuffed ourselves silly with them all day as we walked around Balboa park and ran errands. While some of them aren't 'authentic' French pastries (the Pain au Raisin had cinnamon and walnuts for example), they were very good and fresh--and surprisingly not sugary. Obviously the baker knows how to make great pastries and add something new to make it his own. Which means we will be going back, and gaining lots of weight as a result.

Great review.


Hi,PGS-Glad you finally made it out here. I was frustrated by the olives also (oh, do I love olives), but it is a minor detail in the overall quality of the food here. Seeing so many Native French eating here (compared to how few I have seen at Wired) makes me think that there is something a bit more reminiscent of 'home' at Arely. My only complaint is they will make a Croque Monsieur but not a Croque Madame (and we know they have eggs back there).
As long as you go to Balboa Park and walk each time you get a pastry here, the weight thing shouldn't be a problem. This will be difficult in rainy season. :)
Thanks for the kind words about our little blog.


My favorites are the croissants and the apricot tarts. Admittedly, I haven't tried much else. The buttery, crisp pastry and mouth watering, succulent, flavorful fruit goodness distracts me from other treats. I guess I don't allow myself the indulgence often enough to branch out. Personally, I think they are the best in SD... especially for the price.


Oh, I am so glad you like it here, too, Elly. It isn't an indulgence to branch is following the reason you went there in the first place-the craving/wanting the almond or apricot taste...I find I go somewhere because I want the same thing I had before...because it was so good. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

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