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Monday, 18 June 2007


Captain Jack

Hey Ed,

Man the food from the Juanita's truck looks awesome. Tell the owners if they get tired of the heat in Yuma, I will help them find a parking lot in Pacific Beach. It is a comfortable 69 degrees here right now.



All of it looks good, Ed. Great photos. We will be driving that way in November and possibly sooner...just because we can.


Ed, I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.


Hey Ed - Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogging...and it only took me a bit over a year to coerce you into doing a, I can almost taste those tacos....


That looks so good. Now I really need to find a decent marisco place around here.

The Guilty Carnivore

Mexican seafood rules. Nirvana even had a song about it.

Thx Ed — you are a brave man indeed for soldiering on in the 115 degree weather for tasty treats.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, CJ, PB has both the weather and the scenery this time of year. Juanita's is tasty and popular, but still I usually just see Spanish speaking folks there.

Cathy, you have to stop in Yuma for a bite. Hopefully I will do a couple more Yuma posts this summer. Taco trucks make for ideal photos - plenty of light. I also learned some techniques from Kirk.

Thanks Jason - glad you liked.

And thanks Kirk for ALL the help.

nhbilly and Guilty C - you're both right about Mexican seafood. What I don't understand is why it is sooo popular out here in the middle of the desert. I suspect some of the more meat oriented places are only open at night when usually I'm not out taco trucking.


Hi Ed - Hope you had a delicious visit in SD! Thank you for this taste of your eating scene.


Hi Ed,
Thanks so much for your review on Juanita's and Los Manjares de Pepe. We stopped at Juanita's on our drive from Phoenix to SD and Los Manjares on our drive back. The delicious food made the drive so much more enjoyable. I'm going to review both places on Yelp and include a link to your blog if it's ok.

ed (from Yuma)

Glad you found the articles useful. We'd be happy if you linked your comments to the blog. The more people who share info, the better

J sulek

Hi Ed, we are coming to Yuma this week and would like to eat some real Mexican food - last year we had an extremely disappointing recommendation for Chretin's - out of 6 different dishes only one was edible -any suggestions? I hope Yuma can do better than Toronto, Canada !!

Thanks in advance !

ed (from Yuma)

The most consistent Mexican restaurant in town is Los Manjares de Pepe on 8th Street. See my posting about it at mmm-yoso:

You have a wide range of choices, but the food is consistently good. One can get combo plates, but the individual entrees and daily specials are good choices for the adventurous.

Mi Rancho on 4th Ave is sometimes good, but often inconsistent.

Pepe's has enough variety that one could eat lunch and dinner there each day for a week and not exhaust the choices.

Good eating!

truck rental

All of those Taco-Trucks are everywhere, they sale tasty, reliable and edible food, and of course, in a good price. why would I choose this well known fast food restaurant if I can eat those tacos and enjoy much more?

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