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Wednesday, 06 June 2007


Wandering Chopsticks

What do the false capers taste like? I love capers and have a bunch of nasturtiums growing in my yard that I can certainly pickle. Hmm. Never heard of it before but I'll try now.

Deep fried Coke? Geez, what will they think of next?


Actually, the pickled nasturtiums/false capers were a new entry this year, WC- hadn't seen them before. They were pressure canned with pickling salt as I recall and ended up being kind of bitter, although crisp. It was creative and preserved properly. I am unsure if they got a ribbon in the category- there were many entries, and usually are, in the "miscellaneous" column. I might try pickling nasturtium buds with some flavoring- dill, or just standard pickling spices....then again if I had a lot, I may just saute some in butter as a side dish...
Fried Coke (as well as the Krispy Kreme Chicken sandwich) was tried, and apparently popular in some Fairs back East last year; The Fair had battered olives on a stick and something else, non-memorable, as our 'something new'.

Brian Bautista

Hmm how far is the free parking from the entrance? Yes, I know I am a cheap-o but $9 is a lot. I hope there's some kind of free tram to transport if the free parking is quite far.


Hi Brian- Thanks for asking. Actually, the $9 parking has you walking quite a distance (although there are free trams also)because they now offer the closer to the gate ("Preferred Parking")parking for $14.

All three of the off site free parking places have free transportation to and from the Fair (Yellow school buses as well as a couple of London Double Deckers) that leave every 15 minutes. You are dropped off at the Front Gate.
-The Horse Park is open all of the days of the Fair and is closest-also the only one open on weekdays (remember, the Fair is closed on Mondays and the first two Tuesdays) 14550 El Camino Real (take the Via De la Valle exit and go east to the light and turn right) It is about 3 miles from the Fair. 9 am-midnight Fri and Sat until 1 am
-MiraCosta College San Elijo Campus 3333 Manchester Ave, Cardiff (June 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, July 1 and 4) 9 am-1 am
-Torrey Pines High School 3710 Del Mar Heights Road, Del Mar (June 16,17,23,24,30 July 1 and 4) 9 am-1 am.
Yes, you can save money using the free parking and the Ralphs Discount tickets. There are also some other deals on rides available at the website (Wed and Th are Pay one Price days..stuff like that)

The Office Goat

>>>Eagerly awaits report on rattlesnake chili. ;-)


Oh, Man, TOG...I just wrote to Kirk today telling him I hopefully would not taste that chili. Now I feel obligated to. Rats!
The Mister has one day off from work this week, so we will go and I will report back ASAP.


Hi Cathy - Obligation....what a nice word! Esp when the subject is eating Rattlesnake Chili. ;o)


Ha! Well, the thought of acidic tomato based sauce in the heat of today was a bit much, and I just was not in the mood to possibly not like a $9 bowl of I opted for the Rattlesnake Bites- because we just hadn't had enough fried things for the day, and knew that anything breaded and fried would turn out OK.

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