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Friday, 22 June 2007


Captain Jack

I thought it was illegal to serve rattlesnake in California. The owners of Crazy Burger had their rattlesnake confiscated even though it was farm raised in Arizona.


Well, they are not protected species, CJ. The booths at the Fair are inspected by the Health Department daily and I would think that by now, if there were such a law, someone would have done something. Perhaps it sounds better for Tioli's to tell the people that story than to lose money on a rattlesnake burger. The owners of the Rattlesnake Booth have been interviewed several times and the $41 per pound price tag comes up each time.


The ice cream bar reminds me of the ones sold at Costco but theirs are dipped in almonds. Now that I thinkof it, it reminds me of the ice cream bar dipped in chocolate & peanuts and served in that cone with two "cups" on the top but the classic cone shaped handle sold at the Christmas Carnival we used to go to at Cobo in Detroit.


You can just keep waiting for that post, Mr. B...
Oh God, the Christmas Carnival... wow, haven't thought about that in so long...but yes, this ice cream tasted exactly like those. Food does bring back such good memories, doesn't it?

Wandering Chopsticks

Whoa! I'm so impressed. I wear cowboy boots sometimes too. But mine are just for show. I'd run the opposite direction if I saw a rattler!

Steamy Kitchen

You are a brave one. I would have screamed bloody murder and climbed up a tree. Wait. Can snakes slither up trees?

Captain Jack

Very interesting take on the whole Tioli's thing Cathy. I think you may have called it right. It does not reflect well on the Crazy Burger owner's integrity.

Pythons often drop on their prey from the branches of trees, so clearly they can climb. Not sure about rattlers, they are desert critters, not many trees to climb.


Hi, WC- I like the comfort of Ariat brand boots- they are the Official Footwear of the US Women's Olympic Equestrian Team and are cute, too. The first time I encountered a rattler, I froze. That is more instinct. Two of my dogs were outside and froze and then walked backwards from it. INstinct is good. I called the Fire Department and they came out and killed it right away.
Hey, SK- For some reason, I haven't had any instinct to scream when I see a snake- vermin, yes.
We have King Snakes in the yard some years and those climb trees. King Snakes are good, except for eating baby birds out of the nest. I sometimes hate the food chain.
Hi Again, Jack- Eh, all of it is a business and everyone is in business to make a profit, not to lose money or give stuff away. I haven't ever seen a rattler in a tree. They would blend in though...but the burrow in the dirt...about 5 days after the fires in 2003 were out, if you drove down Wildcat Canyon Road in Lakeside- you could see thousands of rattlers slithering on the ground...they survived all of it.


I believe the "illegal to serve so-and-so animals" laws are the jurisdiction of the Department of Fish and Game, and not the county health department. The list of animals is set down in the state code, and it includes several animals that are not endangered or protected.

There's apparently little coordination between DFG, county health and other departments on this issue, as much of the meat on the "illegal to sell" list is easily available through mainstream distribution channels in California. However, the DFG is authorized to levy fines and imprisonment against anyone serving the meat.

If I recall correctly, Tioli's said that a DFG made them stop serving the rattlesnake burger. I know of no reason to disbelieve them.

Jay from the Linkery


DFG makes more sense to me to be the governmental agency who would fines for illegal products, Jay. Thanks for that clarification.
I was merely thinking logically, that if you have to pay $41 a pound for meat and need to mark it up so as to make a profit and then it goes to waste, just stop carrying it...and the story of blaming a confiscation sounds beter than telling people it wasn't a profitable product.


I just talked to a friend who retired from Fish and Game. She said when they do an inspection, they ask for proof of the source for the meat (or whatever ingredient is being used in the kitchen). As long as the rattlesnake is sourced from a farm which raises rattlesnakes for food, and there is an invoice, it would not be confiscated.

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