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Sunday, 10 June 2007



Oh my god, those things are huge!!! And I followed the link about the escolar--euw. You're a brave man, Kirk! :-D


wait wait wait. so the 'white tuna' i really enjoyed a couple months ago (on the east coast) could have been the dreaded escolar? yikes! i don't remember any, umm, effects, though...


I like the awning. "Lunch Time...Dinner Time...Sushi Time"


Geeesh it has been so long since I had sushi, maybe this weekend if it doesn't get to crowed. The first I had fatty torro - it was 5 pieces for $25.oo. And boy was it so so so fatty after the second piece I was intoxicated I could barely finish the rest ;-)


Hi Mizducky - Apparently Escolar is very popular on the East coast, so it's nothing very exotic.....

Hi Dave - Unfortunately, what you think is probably true. Not to gross you out, but here are a few more links. I didn't want to over do the "orange oil" thing in my post. So just in case you're wondering:

Don't read this before lunch, okay?

Hi Billy - Have fun, we still have to grab some sushi, right?


Hi Fred - All they were missing was "Breakfast Time"..he-he-he, Sushi, it's not just for breakfast anymore!


i had obviously frozen sushi the other day, when its still wet and nasty. YUCK.


Hi Clayfu - Yes, like biting into a pouch of mush and water......


Wow, I made a huge mistake in coming here to catch up on the blog posts when I hadn't eaten lunch yet. That hamachi and toro look so tasty right now that my stomach is eating itself up and I'm getting weird looks from the people around me in the library!


Love your blog! Thanks for the write-up on Restaurant Yakata, defintely one of the best sushi bars in San Diego. You need to check out Nami in Hillcrest I was there this weekend and the food was better then my previous visit, still more on the trendy side. Nami had excellent quality and nice sized pieces of sashimi. We did have a white tuna roll at Nami and the Japanese restaurant where my mom worked in Ventura County also had a white tuna when the Itamae could get it (he would also get live abalone, loved it), not sure if either was escolar. Never had any ill effects from it and I have liked it everytime I have eaten it. Keep up the great work!


I am drooling. Think we will have Japanese for dinner tonight. :)


Hey Kirk, you were in my neighborhood! We live just up the road, in Rolando. I used to eat there whenever I craved sushi but didn't want to drive far, but I just couldn't take the sticky carpet anymore! =P


Hi Chizzed - LOL! Yes, a rumbling stomach in a quite library.....

Hi Shan - The Missus loves Yakata, it's quiet, there's always something that stands out sushi-wise. I work in the Hillcrest area, and have been severely underwhelmed by Nami in the past, but it's been a few years, so I'll check it out! Thanks for the "rec". As for Escolar, it seems that there are two things that cause the dreaded "orange oil", some are more sensitive to it, and portion size.....

Hi Lizs - Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope you did enjoy some nice Japanese food for dinner!

Hi Dee - he-he-he It's so dark in there, but to think about it the carpets did seem to have a bit more "traction".

Catherine (Koko)

Love your blog.
I've recently discovered Sushi Time. What a treat to find such a nice place in the Lemon Grove area.
I have posted about it on my blog also.
I'm new to sushi so I'm taking your comments to help me with my order next time we go there. Hopefully it will be soon.
Good Job.

Andy 美國土子

with red green and white on the sign, I would have thought they served Mexican or Italian style sushi!


Hi Koko - Sushi Time is a pretty good neighborhood joint. Those Nigiri were certainly quite large. I'd stay with the Hamachi Belly, Toro, and Albacore Belly. The Maguro looked so-so.

Hi Andy - You know what? Until you mentioned that, I didn't even notice! Very perceptive......

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