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Thursday, 21 June 2007



I love fair food. I can't leave without having at least one roast corn.


Talk about fun and not to mention the FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!


I understand, Liz...and it isn't even fried! Tastes different than when we do it at home.
One more post about food coming up, Bill... but all of it is fun.

The Office Goat

We tried the fried rattler but not the chili, and also had one of the turkey legs with BBQ sauce from the mexican/southwest place on the opposite corner of the same building as the snake place. I think those two items occupied the opposite ends of the food:dollar spectrum...


sigh i'm totally going to miss the SDfair this year =( i'm curious about the donut sandwich haha


Hi,TOG- We actually bought the same thing. I wanted to include it in this post and Typepad acted all nasty to me last night. The joys of eating rattlesnake will be up soon, possibly in a way you don't expect :)


Hi, Clayfu...The Krispy Kreme sandwich was available at most State Fairs last year and only just now made it to California. It was good, but I am kind of not a fan of jelly at this point in time. The flavors did go well together though...salty and sweet. There will be many County Fairs near you after this one ends. They head north-the vendors do not just work in San Diego and stop, you know.


I can't wait to see your rattlesnake meal post!


You can still buy fresh "on-the-hoof" meat at the fair. Animals that were not auctioned off can be bought on the barn floor from the people who raised them. I called the Fair livestock folks and they said that the meat packer that they are using is actually not local, but is CCI from Corona.


Thanks for the information, Mindless; I heard Roger Hedgecock on the radio talking about it today. Seems that less than half are sold at auction.

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