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Tuesday, 05 June 2007



Voodoo Doughnuts rocks! Elonweis was just up in Portland for a convention and she brought back many photos. Did you try the maple bar with bacon? =D


Looks like a fun trip! I've been dying to go to Voodoo Doughnuts once I read about the Bacon Maple Bar.

Speaking of coffee, have you tried Caffe Calabria in North Park? They roast their own beans in small batches as well. And they are one of only a couple places in SD where you can consistently get a latte that looks like the ones on


Ha- Starbucks deprogramming. Sometimes I get the "bold" coffee of the day with an add shot.
Perhaps I can show you some home made pierogies very know you can make them with kraut as well as the mashed potatoes and cheese...oh an a dessert pierogi- filled with prunes (ahem, dried plums, as the California whatever Board now calls them...)

Christine D.

Wow, those ARE some great photos! It helps that everything up there is so beautiful.


'deprogramming' *chuckles*
donut offbeat names *chuckles again, this time teeth showing*

wonderful pictures, Kirk...I especially love the one with squirrel (i love love squirrels!) those flowers, I only see them in orange colour around here-those are gorgeous! as well as the gardens.

btw, thanks for answering my Q back at my page :)


I absolutely loved sitting in the left hand window of stumptown while watching all the fun people walk by. It's a great spot. Bad area of Portland? but stumptown's on the west side. Walk around on the east side for a slightly scarier experience.


I think that Voodoo donut is where Bourdain had a maple donut with bacon!


Hi CP - No, I just stuck to regular glazed. I saw soneone eating one though......

Hi Howie - Not yet....I'm waiting until they get their oven installed.

Hi Cathy - Sounds yummy....the problem is, I may never leave! ;o)

Hi Christine - I never get tired of the deep green hues......

Hi Thess - No problemo, it's nice to have you posting again!

Hi Lynnea - Actually, I was told the scary part of Downtown Portland. I did take an early morning stroll through Chinatown, and did see groups of men hanging out, and running to cars to make "transactions", but they seem to keep to themselves.

Hi Elmo - That's what I've been told, sorry to say I missed Bourdain's Pacific NW episodes.

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