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Sunday, 03 June 2007




Nice post, I miss my home town. I used to live near portland for 7 years, and now moved to San Diego for almost a year.



I love fish and chips and what you had looks sad especially the fishy. Sounds like a fun trip like always.

j ohta

Hi Kirk,
Hope you enjoyed Portland. We love visiting and eating there. How fortunate that you decided to skip Biwa. On our visit last week, we tried it. We had high expectations from all the raving on the discussion boards. It was a huge disappointment. The "chef" is non-Japanese who, the waitress told us, spent three years in Sapporo. To help him prepare the food, he has hired two other non-Japanese. Every dish we ordered was a huge let-down. If you still want to keep it on your list, I'll go into specifics. Please understand that I'm not saying Haoles cannot cook good ethnic food. Pok Pok, also in portland is an example of good Thai being put out by Non-Thai.
If you get up to Vancouver,BC, be sure to try Go Fish for fish & chips. It's our favorite.


Hi Kirk! I was in UK few weeks back and I had the same reaction when I ordered (first and last time) their fish and chips. I wish you could taste the dutch's though, they have special herbs and spices mixed in the batter.

I'm curious about missus' lamb curry, it does looked yummy! :)

(btw, 'left you my new URL)


Portland is a gorgeous city with great food. I'm really envying you your trip.

Alice Q. Foodie

What a nice post! Biwa sounds interesting, I think we're planning to go to Portland next year to visit some friends so I will have to check it out!

The Guilty Carnivore

Portland was also voted friendliest driving town as well. People will actually slow down on the Ross Island bridge to let you turn onto it during rush hour - even though they don't have to!

In Southern California they would just as soon treat you like you had leprosy.

I'm glad you had a good time - next ime, make sure you hit that Tabor cart and indulge in the phenom that is the schnitzelwich.


Portland is the best.


Hi Dan - Portland is such a great city.

Hi Billy - Yes, it was a nice trip.

Hi johta - Wow, I'm kinda glad I missed it then...that's too bad, it sounded so good!

Hi Thess - Long time no hear, hope all is well. Lamb Saagwala is supposed to be a Northern Indian style dish.

Hi CP - It was a nice trip, we really enjoyed it.

Hi Alice - I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

Hi GC - I'll take you advice for next time. I keep forgetting about that cart since it's around the corner and there are soooo many choices.

Hi Klug - Ditto!

Wandering Chopsticks

I remember a few years back during Thanksgiving weekend when early morning customers realized that no one was on duty and somehow the store hadn't been locked up properly. So they called the cops, and stayed tight to make sure nothing was stolen.

Once at the gas station when someone had locked their keys in the car, and the attendant was helping them jog the lock, and there was a line waiting for the pump, one of the customers got out and directed traffic toward the other pumps and explained to people what was going on.

Or the time in Vancouver, Washington when a black woman was being discriminated against at a restaurant and a white guy saw it happen and gave her his number so that he could be a witness. She sued and won with is help.

Ah, I miss home, where I know the neighbors and where kids still have lemonade stands.

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh! And I just noticed that sign had a Czech and Polish food cart. Cool! I would of gone for the Czech food since I've never had any. :)


Okay, so I'm not the only one who finds police officers here in SD so off putting? I'm always flagging them down with a question, just the way my mother has always done (in oregon) and I'm always surprised by their gruff, unfriendly attitude. =) ah well, perhaps down here, they really do have more important things to be doing.


Hi WC - Those are nice examples. I love the sign at that food says "Czech Us Out!"...always cracks me up.

Hi Lynnea - I really think it depends on who the Officer is, as well as the situtation. I've had very nice contact with SDPD Officers, as well as some Officers who really don't want to be bothered. I think the city's financial situation and lack of pay raises has had an effect. BTW, try getting help from DC Police if you're not wearing a suit and tie!

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