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Wednesday, 20 June 2007



As're too much of a gentleman, Kirk.

If a restaurant pulls that kind of B.S., play frisbee with their plates or sumpthing. Remember too, they need you more than you need them.


aww, I liked the last bit about the shuttle service - nothing like ending a post on a positive note, you always seems to find something positive! :)

Passionate Eater

I agree with RONW, I woulda been rioting in there. Even if that happened anywhere else (where the people are not as nice as they are in Portland), that is discriminatory treatment. I do not know what they were discriminating on the basis of, but if they said booths are for 3+ people, and deny a couple that was there earlier, then they CANNOT offer it to another couple. Or, if they did, they should have explained or at least offered you something for free. What really irks me is that they said "absolutely not." Not, "no, we try to use those for bigger parties, but if there is no room..."

I think you've said this before, but restaurants are in the SERVICE industry, and thus better have good service in addition to the food.

Okay, sorry to scream. :(


I agree with PE. That was rude of that waiter. I hope the Pok Pok people read this and make it right. I had Pok Pok on my list (from your earlier post) in case I ever got to Portland, but I'll think twice about it now.

Captain Jack

Hey Kirk,

how about I go in to Pok Pok alone, sit in one of that prick's precious booths by myself, and use, how did you phrase it? oh yea, "Captain Jack's method for making friends, and influencing people." That might prove amusing.



Hi RONW - Nah, that's not me. People shouldn't have to be rude or make a scene to be treated decently.

Hi Kathy - Portland is such a nice city, that you really don't need to work hard to find nice things to say.

Hi PE - I don't think it was deliberate discrimination per se....but I do think it was a thoughtless act. It also showed us how much consideration was given to our request. Like I said previously, I could've made a scene, but why should I have to do that????

Hi Elmo - Actually, the Server was very nice, though She insisted on explaining how to eat everything, even when we told Her we've had this before. It was the "Host" who treated us this way. I wouldn't want to sway you from trying out Pok Pok, my previous experience was very good.

Hi CJ - LOL! It's not worth the effort....

Steamy Kitchen

Never had black crab before...taste anything like the blue crab?


Hi SK - I could not taste any difference between the two.

The Guilty Carnivore

Kirk, that sucks you were slighted like that - total B.S. Doesn't make any sense.

I'm going to ask for a booth next time I'm there and see what happens.


Hi GC - Yes, that was distrubing....

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