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Tuesday, 12 June 2007



That store looks like so much fun not to mention the mouth watering, marbleized, heart attack inducing piece of meat! Keep up the awesome blogging.


I live about 5 miles from Major Market, and love it. Their baguette is better than any other local bakery, their seafood is always fresh, their meat counter is great, as is the deli. This is the only place I've found in CA that you don't have to specifically ask for your capicolla and prosciutto to be cut thin, it's automatic. Imported chesses, marinated olives, mushrooms, peppers, etc. The international stuff is great too, HP sauce, green peppercorns in brine, etc. And they're the only place I've found rabbit and quail (frozen and preboxed, but hey, you take what you can get). Only drawback is that they're slightly more expensive for typical off-the-shelf stuff than the chain groceries. But with a Trader Joe's next door and Vons up the road, no problem.


So is it more expensive than whole foods/bristol farms that also sell Prime/Kobe?


Clayfu, I've wandered into all of the stores in search of the perfect steak. I think Bristol Farms (a subsidiary of Albertsons) is the highest in price, closely followed by Seisel/Iowa Meat Farm. Major, Whole Foods, and Tip Top Meats are all about the same, along with a few select high end Ralphs and Albertsons with actual meat/butcher counters. Some even carry dry-aged prime. The plus for Major and Seisel is that they always have one or two cuts on sale. Sounds like a research project...


Thanks, Bill. You are very observant. The meat won't induce a heart's that whole lack of exercise thing...
Hi, Vicki! Thanks for your taking he time to make such a wonderful, informative comment. There are so many items to buy here and the listing of them, combined with trying to photograph all of them was overwhelming. I do indeed always have HP sauce in the cupboard. I admit I tend to look at the cheese section at Major, and then go and buy some at TJ's.
Hi, Clayfu- Looks like surfnturf answered that pretty well. It is true that Major does have weekly prime cuts on sale, as well as having some of those "Manager's Special" markdowns of meats (including Kobe) that are right on the edge of the expiration date. Seisel's/Iowa also has weekly meat specials. I don't see that much advertised or in store at either Bristol or Whole Foods.
Thanks for answering that for me, surfnturf. You have been shopping around town, haven't you?

Jordan Mykonos

Kirk, isn't it about time you spin Cathy off to her own blog? I mean, her posts are ok, but nowhere near the depth and scope your posts have and her palate seems too pedestrian and unskilled/ininformed. I've enjoyed your blog in the past but just don't read it as much due to her posts. Her photos are pretty bad too, what's the point in taking a picture and posting it if it's bad, it just increases the load time of your page with too many photos not worth looking at - very amateur. Sorry, but that's how I feel. It's like she is trying too hard to be Kirk's mini-me.


I dont think Kirk has ever stated he was a skilled taster of food, nor do i believe that he's had any inclination to state that his food preferences are of non-pedestrian aspects.

Kirk's audience is every day eateries, cathy may look more at fastfood, chain style restaurants but its still a review of every day eateries.

From the trend i see, Kirk purposely does not do restaurants that bust the wallet and Cathy is just following the same vein. If you are looking for refined food with skilled tasting notes you might be reading the wrong place.


Hi Jordan - Thanks for the feedback, and believe me, both Cathy and I respect your opinion. But personally, I enjoy Cathy's posts, and She has provided many fun and interesting places to eat, as well as good info. Her posts have also allowed this blog to survive, without Her many fine posts, I would have probably stopped a year ago. We all have different tastes and perceptions, and I try to respect that. And Clayfu is correct, we try to do mostly everyday eating, I don't ever claim to be a skilled taster of food...I'm just me, pretty much an average Guy, and Cathy is Cathy. One of Cathy's real strong points is that She is a long time San Diego resident and has that point of view to offer. I hope that you keep visiting, and thanks again for your opinion.


Hi Jordan- I do appreciate your criticism of my blogging style, but have really tried to only assist Kirk by keeping something interesting posted when He is on vacation or working a lot of hours and has nothing to post. There are a few others of us who blog here also and I really think each of us has our own "style" of writing and conveying our eating experiences. I do try to take good photographs so as to help describe what I ate and realize some photos are not as clear as I would like them to have turned out. I will work on that aspect. I kind of don't think my menu choices are particularly out of the realm of what most people might try, especially if trying some place for the first time. If you have been following along, I will be getting, and blogging about, the rattlesnake chili at the County Fair. That isn't a pedestrian sort of meal, IMHO. Nonetheless, neither Kirk nor I have ever claimed to be skilled at tasting foods, we are just blogging about what we eat after all. I hope you do check in periodically and maybe see something interesting that one of has written about.
Hi Clayfu. I appreciate your support. I am glad you read and comment about my posts...and I do try and make stuff interesting, even if I am blogging about Starbucks.
Hey, Kirk...I'm pretty average too!...except maybe in height... Thanks. :)


Hmm... I haven't stopped by in quite some time mostly because I haven't had time to update my own blog. I do like turning to your and Kirk's reviews for help suggestions when I'm in a rut and want to try something I haven't tried already. The market looks like a wonderful place to check out. I'm looking forward to wandering around the international section.


Jordan, et al,
I like Cathy's style. She is finding the small local mom and pop joints that appear to be suited for the family.
If you compare mmm-yoso to some of the other food blogs/sites, that appear more professional, that is because they are. If you read closely, you can see that the blogger worked with the restaurant owner to photograph the perfect presentation of the food, etc. Reading Kirk's posts, he mentions that he also talks to some of the owners or chefs to get more info for the blog, but only after the food has been delivered.


Great find, Cathy! Can't wait to check it out. BTW, Hubby & I are very greatful for your posts b/c Hubby's Dad is White and he's always reluctant to try new foods, especially Asian dishes. The weird thing is... are you ready???... Hubby's Mom is Korean!!! She usually makes wonderful "White" food at home and when they venture out, they go to "White" restaurants. Anywho...they're coming to visit from Florida next week. In preparation, we've printed out everything Cathy Eats! color!...& bounded everything into a booklet! ;p Dad will appreciate all the White places you blogged about. BUT...we want to show him that ...hey, if a White Gal from Santee can eat Asian food....:)


Hello again, Liz- nice post on truffles. Wish I worked in your office. There are end unit displays by Country and the items are also in their correct places within the aisles. It's mostly the fun stuff on the outer edges I go for...
Thank you, mindless. I merely blog about the local Mom and Pop places...I found them years ago. :)
I am smiling so wide and laughing so hard that I am crying after reading your comment, Pheth. That is the nicest compliment I have read here, *ever*. Really, The Mister and I are not afraid to try any kind of food. We don't rent movies and haven't been in a Theater in more than ten years, we don't watch much TV, but we spend hours walking through grocery stores, reading ingredient lists ... we cook at home a lot... and we go out to eat with a camera in tow. Then I come home and blog it. Kind of nerdy, but everyone has some sort of hobby... I hope your in-laws enjoy their stay, no matter where or what they end up eating.


I use to shop there when i worked in Escondido but I live by the beach and no longer work in Escodido and I REALLY WISH Major Market would open a store in Carlsbad or Oceanside just like the one in Escondido. What do you say Major Market???


Hi Michelle- Thanks for looking at our little blog and commenting. Major Market is really just an IGA and I urge you to walk into any IGA to see how unique that manager has made it. The "Food Land" chain of IGA's in South and East county are filled with Hispanic specialties and have small taquerias inside the store. I bet those IGA's in Carlsbad and Oceanside are pretty unique also.


Hey, Cathy! I think there was an IGA years and years ago in a Mira Mesa strip mall, the one that Spices is located. Then it became something else and then a Bali's gym. I don't recall how impressed I was but my memory is not quite what it used to be. hehe. I go up to Escondido every now and then so I'll try to pop in next time I'm out there. Keep on posting!!

Major Fan

Major Market is not even in the same class as an IGA store. They may buy their groceries from the same place, dry goods I'm speaking of, but the produce, meat and seafood are miles ahead of any competition I have seen. Major Market is not just an IGA and should not be compared to one Cathy. In all my years of traveling around the world Major Market is a first class operation. I have never quite seen anything quite as unique and the variety they have is incredible. Everyone should see this store for themselves.


When I blogged about Major this past June, Major Fan, it was still part of the Independent Grocers Alliance and very much affiliated with them. I just checked the IGA website and now Major is not listed. Almost all of the IGA's in San Diego County are "specialized" in some way (Foodland being the easiest example, with the superior Mexican Panderia, Carniceria and Tortillaria as well as hot food stands). I love Major and find a reson to stop by every time I drive North. I am glad you like it to, and welcome you to our blog and your comments. I will update the post regarding IGA status.

Toby Truitt - Major Market - Store Director

Hi Everyone,
My name is Toby and I am the Store Director at Major Market Escondido. I opened the Escondido Store in 1990 and was Grocery Manager until 2002 when I became Store Director. I am overwhelmed by all of the wonderful compliments, thank you. Just a quick clarification, we have never been a member of the IGA; all of our innovations have come from within. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to post; I will do my best to respond promptly. Please say “Hi” the next time you’re in the store, I very much enjoy getting to know my customers and matching names with faces. See you then!


Hi Toby- I had asked one of the cashiers when I was at Major that day I took the photos (with two managers giving me permission) if you were part of IGA and she did say she thought so. Sorry for any misunderstanding. I love Major market and all you have to offer (and you know I drive there from Santee, don't you?). I will be certain you get any questions forwarded.

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