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Saturday, 30 June 2007


Captain Jack

And I thought Wisconsin was all about bratwurst, Budweiser, and cheese. Nepalese food, wow. Your goat looked very tasty. Go Badgers!


While in Madison, I like Prime Quarter (they have several Wisconsin locations and one in Illinois) Steakhouse. You grill it yourself steaks. Salad bar & Texas Toast (you grill the toast too). Great fun as the grills are H-U-G-E! Chefs are standing by to answer questions and they will grill steaks for you for a very small fee. I go there to do it myself!

All steaks except the one that's similar to the Trail Boss at Pinnacle Peak are sold at one low price. Bonus, they won't cut your tie off! Also, there's a full bar and the furnishings are comfortable.

I also like the location in Green Bay. Funny that I seem to migrate towards the locations near casinos for some reason!

Mr. Bally (aka brother of Cathy).



Nepalese food is great. I'm glad you enjoyed your goat curry. It's a shame that we don't have any Nepalese restaurants here, especially since I know quite a few of them (they work in Indian restaurants!).


Hi CJ - This was a very nice meal...tasty and well prepared.

Hi MrB - Texas toast? I love Texas toast...sounds like a place I need to add to my list.

Hi Reid - It is in San Diego there aren't any Nepalese restaurant either. Too bad, the food has great flavor.


Too bad about the pics. I am glad you liked the Nepali food. Here in nyc, there are only 2 Nepali restaurants that I know of.


Hi Mainyacha - Welsome and thanks for commenting. I thought it was quite interesting that Madison had 2 Nepali Restaurants...San Diego has none.


Trust me, everyone knows you can't drive there, lol! We Midwesterners are just too nice to make you feel bad about it. I've seen kind friendly citizens walk up to rental cars to offer directions/assistance to obviously out of place drivers. They also gently save them from the impending moving violation and vehicle tow. :) I'm sure you have learned this by now, but I'll say it plainly, we are a genuine people. I hope you come back to Madison and try some of the places we actually eat at. It seems most of your meals are restaurants we rarely frequent. It's quite interesting to me to hear of establishments in my own home that I am wholly unfamiliar with. :) thank you!


Well :), just we have to learn to drive in Madison...which I love BTW, perhaps you can stretch your wings and eat at places you are wholly unfamiliar with! Sounds like a deal?

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