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Wednesday, 13 June 2007



Mi soup - base is compose of either chicken or pork bones or both, whole white onions, and either dried squid or shrimp which usually gives it the fishiness and of course some fish sauce for flavor. Well that's how my mom makes it.


Hehehe, for the longest time, I thought the same thing. It wasn't until I bought a duck (at Whole Foods Supermarket right there) and roasted it myself that I realized that it didn't naturally have that 5-spice flavor. I'll have to check this place out.


What an appetizing and amusing post. Mmmm, nicely spiced duck with drippings! I had a really tasty roast duck from Shamu, I mean Sam Woo, recently - when I ordered it the guy behind the counter nodded at me and told me it was really fresh and good today, and he wasn't kidding; the five spice was really pronounced and it was excellent.
I love your Missus' old-man-order-copying strategy and I am going to try it myself!


Kirk, your Missus cracks me up! And isn't it great when the most expensive thing at a restaurant is only $6? Gotta love it!

Captain Jack

Man that place is inexpensive. You could eat like a king for under $25 bucks including tax and tip.


The Missus has a good strategy going on there! I'll have to give it a try next time I visit a noodle shop. There's one place on King St in Chinatown that does super awesome roast duck noodles, but it's $9! You got a really good deal there! :)


hey kirk,
Thanks for the "mi" definition. Now what does "ky" mean? Minh Ky, Hinh Ky, etc...


this looks really delicious. we always get "siu-ap won ton wor mein" whenever we go to those butcher shops!! we'll have to check out the roast duck here!


This place sometimes has customers waiting outside at eight in the morning, before it even opens! I'm glad I finally know what it is they serve here; maybe I'll check it out one day...


Hi Billy - Thanks. you want to hear something interesting? One of the places we visit, has a really nice rich broth with strong seafood flavor - but everytime I ask, they tell me that no seafood is used to make the broth!

Hi WRG - Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I'm sure the Missus will feel better knowing She's not the only one in the world who thought that!

Hi Ray - Yes, the Missus has Her own various strategies for places....some of them are quite odd.

Hi Pam - It's really hard to complain when everything is sooooo inexpensive!

Hi CJ - If you add up everything I ate during the four visits, it would be $ with tip, about $25! So I guess, you could eat like a king....or a family! ;o)

Hi Kathy - You must be warned, there are certain times when that strategy does not work.

Hi Dave - I sent an "expert" I know an email regarding your question, so let's see what turns up!

Hi Annie - We were surprised at how good the duck was....

Hi Dee - Really? I've never been there that early in the morning, but when we have lunch or dinner, it's never very crowded. I'm glad they are doing means more duck!


Are you freakin serious they said no seafood was used in the broth? Stinkin trade seceret! Every mi soup has to have either dried shrimp or squid or both, period or it ain't the real deal. LOL I Like! mine a lil fishy.


Hi Billy - Yep, they told me no seafood flavoring.....but it was hard to believe.

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