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Saturday, 23 June 2007



sadly i had to read the joke twice. But the 2nd time.. oh that's a funny one!!! =)

Andy 美國土子

latin chef looks amazing. must eat there some day!

ed (from Yuma)

Funny post. Thanks for hitting Asia Cafe with me on my visit. I'd never had the See Nom Tok before.

Sakura is great for lunch, but the bento box is toooo much food even for me.


Wooohooo! Photo Superposts Rule!

And about "the Saturday silliness" -- That's probably the best joke about a joke I've ever heard!


Why am I so hungry even after having dinner at 8pm? LOL

Thanks a Lot!


hehe, i also had to read the joke twice, and now i feel quite dumb for not getting it right the first time! :)


Hi Clayfu - Oh had to read it twice???

Hi Andy - Please check it out when you're in town!

Hi Ed - Yes, I really feel like I need a nap after eating that bento!!!

Hi Elmo - Hey, that's neat....a joke about a joke...didn't even think about that!

Hi Billy - Thanks for the compliment......but the real stuff is still much better!

Hi Kathy - LOL! That's least you figured it out!

ed (from Yuma)

Just another comment. Your wife is definitely right about the cebiche at Latin Chef. The mixto cebiche is good, but the pescado by itself is hands down a winner. I'd love to be able to eat it once or twice a week.


Hi Ed - Now she's up to 3 times a week! LOL!

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