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Sunday, 24 June 2007



they just have to write brand new lyrics for that "hot dogs and Cracker-Jack" song.


Those mashed potato martini glasses look and sound delicious! Was this a one time special event at the Diamond View Towers? Or can you just stop by and get some mashed potatoes whenever you want?


I know, was so very unBaseball...and so very much fun!
It was a private event, Howie, but the regular caterers for the Diamond View Towers, so I would think that you choose whatever foods you based on what you are going to pay, and the martinis are an option. It's a great idea. I think Thanksgiving side dishes will never be the same at my house...


Sounds like a nice time... But in the interest of factual accuracy, the Boston Red Sox are NOT the World Champions!


Oh, right Ray, basking in the once in a lifetime glory..I changed the post. Plus I had this mental block on the re-doing of the 67 World Series with a different ending...thanks for correcting me.


wow that looks alot cooler than any of the seats i've sat in at Petco =)

kinda jealousssss, i get tired of eating crappy nachos!


Hey Cathy, I was in the ballpark and could see your group. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I was happy with the outcome of the games. Your grub was much better than what we were eating!


Eh, nachos have their place, Clayfu. We knew this would probably be a once in a lifetime chance, so we had to go. They did have chips and salsa also; I didn't bother taking a photo...

Hello, and welcome, nancyc! The Mister was born in Finland, raised in Boston, I was born and raised in Detroit. We would be for the American League (despite the DH rule)no matter what, but to see the Sox in person was even more fun. The food was excellent and different. You didn't see me out there much- I am terrified of heights. I could feel my heart beating whenever I walked outside. I did do it, but took photos over the ledge without looking down.


i was at that game! it was fun, my first time at petco park. my bf is from boston and our padres fan friends took us. you food looks a lot better than the hotdogs we had. although i was very pleased the park had stone ipa on draft. way better deal than beers at dodger stadium!


Hi, Susan, thanks for comenting! It was a great game and I knew it would be different. We had a wide array of adult beverages available also-and the Sam Adams was gone first. That suite can be used for all sorts of events, but I believe baseball viewing is it's primary purpose. When it isn't baseball season, I'd like to see how it is used and maybe if the food is different.


I am jealous. We will eating ballpark food on forth of july dodger's game. At least we will have fireworks. :)


Oh, but "real" ballpark food is what is right, Liz...the hot dogs and mustard stains and peanut shells; it's all you really need. I don't bother with teh fish tacos or sushi or garlic fries, much less the wine when we do attend inside the stadium. Fireworks are so nice...but did you see the Coronado Bridge back there?

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