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Saturday, 16 June 2007


Joseph E

Thanks Cathy!
That plate of meat is impressive. I imagine they prepare it themselves, rather than buying the industrial processed "Gyros" mix that most pseudo-greek places use? We will have to check it out.


I just wanted to do it for you, Joseph. Literally, we stopped cooking dinner last night (making ribs and we cook in oven first then on the grill; we wrapped them up and put in the fridge and had them for lunch today-and it will be documented in a future post)and drove down to Main Street, camera in tow.
They do sell meat inside the front door; you'll see a lamb leg wrapped in Saran Wrap, as well as other parts of lamb and chickens and beef when you walk in. Everything is always fresh, nothing frozen. Always good. I would think if they have to, they pull the meat from the counter to cook.
I know you are busy and it is sort of a drive for you, but do think you'll like it. I really have kept this one quiet. It is really not processed food at is way more wonderful home made quality.

Alice Q. Foodie

Thanks for the info Cathy! We live pretty close to this place - sounds like a good place to get some takeout. We will have to check it out. Enjoy your ribs!!


You will like the food here, Alice.
The ribs turned out better by baking one day, refrigerating overnight and then grilling. Tender...nice Sunday lunch.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Freaken "A" I always wonder what the heck that red powder flake was that I sprinkle all over my basmati rice. LOL.

No to mention took my wife out to Darya - Persian food and it was yummy.


I'll catch the plane over from the Islands just to try the restaurant, Cathy. That "not speaking english good" thing might carry over to more authenticity in their ethnic dishes, though that's never a for certain thing.


Anytime, Bill, anytime. You made me laugh out loud. I didn't know I was being graded... :)
Oh, it is way authentic, Ron. You'd like it. It has been in that same location for more than 10 years, although I think ownership has changed within the family.


This place sounds great. Small point though--'halal' is 'Muslim Kosher', not 'Christian Kosher'.


Thanks, PGS. I just corrected the initial and subsequent experiences with Halal meats has been with Chaldean Catholic families...and I sort of went that way in my explantion. I appreciate your correcting me. This is a great place. Try to go if you get a chance.


Asssalamualaikum, my name is Talha the grocery store near my house claims they sell Halal and they buy the product from your market if you could verify they buy it from you i would be very grateful. The store is call Irvine Halal or Al neezam in Irvine, Ca. They claim they buy the meats from your store in El Cajon and from the store in New York plzzzz verify immediatly. I also want to know if you hand cut your meat and if you do how could I know for sure, plzzz forgive me for being a skeptic but lately around here at least we have had lots of betrayal from our fellow Muslims when it comes to Halal meat. Thank YOu very much, Wailaikumusalam.


Hi Talha. I sent you a private note. I am only blogging here, but I do know the meats at Al Salam are all cut by hand and that many Chaldeans shop for their meats at Al Salam after going to one of the grocery stores on the same block. I am unsure who Al Salam sells to individually or in Ivine.

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