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Thursday, 24 May 2007



Hmmmmm-I don't believe that is soy sauce pork and eggs its actually braise with sugar that have been been caramelized into a dark food coloring with fish sauce flavoring it is odd to see it with soy sauce. I think the Japaneses way is with soy sauce and miso. But soy sauce chicken is so so so so YUMMY!


Thanks, Bill. I changed/added to the post. The lady behind the counter did only say 'pork with sauce'. I am so Caucasian...


i've only ever gotten a steamed pork bun from there - guess i'll have to branch out! the chicken roll looks tasty.


Hi, Julie. I've had many steamed buns from 99Ranch, mostly for breakfast. They are good. Don't be afraid to trythe othr stuff. If I do say so, the chicken roll was excellent.


Hi Guys!

I thought this post was awesome. I'm the daughter of the COO of Ranch 99 and I read your blog pretty much everyday. I'm relatively new to the San Diego area and my sister is a former chef at Wine Vault & Bistro (off of Washington off the 5-- above Saffron), so we looove all the restaurant and dish recommendations. Keep it up! :)



Wow! Thanks for such kind words, Judy. Kirk and I both hope you enjoy San Diego and if you have any questions, you can always ask. Worst thing either of us could ever tell you is "I don't know"... You know The Mister and I shop at 99Ranch at least once a week...the calendar we get every Christmas is tacked on the back of the front door..and of course the VIP card is on my key ring.

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