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Sunday, 27 May 2007



LOL.....those craw daddies looks pretty decent. I could probably polish off 15lbs by myself. With my dad we can do 100lbs for break,lunch , and dinner. LOL
The dark red craw daddies looks great and all but are such a pain compare to the lighter colored ones.
Sounds fun!


Glorious gastric excess!!! You need to give special kudos to the beer runners, it looked like they had snagged 3-4 cups for each diner before the 2pm cutoff. The freshest, simplest, food is always the best. It was painful seeing the foto of the other table, with the unopened corn sack, and all of the potatoes just scattered around untouched. They don't know what they were missing, the corn and potato pick up such great flavor from the seafood and spices in the boil. Of course, if they let you do a doggie bag, would you gather the corn and potatoes, or would you grab 20-30 lbs of shells to make a killer seafood stock? Now I can't wait for the Crabpot on Convoy open


Hmmmm... I think that I'm going to have to do me a nice big shrimp boil this Summer...

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh, man, all that bright shiny red from the crawfish! Looks soooo good! Not too mushy? I've bought some at the grocery store that was frozen and the meat was all mushy. Not like the freshly caught crawfish I used to have in Oregon.

angel van

i miss crawfish so much. last year when we went to new orleans for xmas. we ate 50 lbs at my grandparents house on xmas day and brought 75 lbs back to NC with us. there is a place online where you can order crawfish that i heard was really goood.


yup yup, thea it is folks! And Kirk, it's a mere 912 miles from our house to NO LA! Although it might be easier to just go to Slidell... or Houma... ::wink::


Wow! I'd never been a big fan of crawfish, but that looks good! By the way, thanks for doing a post on Tacos El Gordo. Next time you *have* to try the buche (pork stomach). It can be too salty sometimes, but always tender & awesomely chewy! On a completely different note: went to Lucky Star for dimsum today, and service was extremely slow. To top it all off, my friend found a little roach in her Shrimp Cheong Fun! The (what I assumed was)manager immediately comped our bill, but we doubt we're going back there again. Should've followed your lead and quit going there a long time ago!


What a feast? It looks great. I have never tried Crawfish but I might just do it this weekend with my sons. Is this happened only on Memorial Day?

Steamy Kitchen

that is food porn to the max. i would have dove right in and done backflips in that mound of crawfish!


Hi Billy - This was a great time.....15lbs in one sitting, eh?

Hi seafoodjunkie - Thanks for visiting and commenting! There were several people going from table to table checking to see if anyone wanted to "donate" their leftover crawfish....they ended up with quite a stash.

Hi Dale - Now that sounds delici-yoso!!!

Hi WC - These were brought in live from La. Really good stuff!

Hi Angel Van - I can understand how this stuff can be really addictive.

Hi Jo - And a mere 8 miles to Qualcomm Stadium for us! ;o) Actually, I'm a bit glad that I don't eat this too often...I'm have to buy a bigger belt.

Hi Dee - We used to enjoy Lucky Star....until that really nasty experience. Thanks for reminding me of Tacos El Gordo, and we'll have some buche next time!

Hi Beach - This event only happens once a year. But, you have access to all those crawfish/crab boil places in Westminster!

Hi SK - backflips into a pool of crawfish!!! LOL! ;o)


i know it's supposed to be all about the crawfish...but you got me stuck on the pickled eggs, I've never tried one! :)


Hi Kathy - All that crawfish, and all you can think of are the pickled eggs? LOL! ;o)


Your killing me Kirk. We used to do Low Country Boils almost every weekend when I lived in the Savannah. Either with Crayfish or local shrimp. Mmmmm....Low Country Boil. Nothing like a picnic table full off spicy mud bugs and ice cold beer to wash it down. What are the chances of scoring tickets to next years event?


Hey Rob - Maybe you could try an contact the SD LSU alumni association:

And see if they'll put you on their waiting list. I'll let you know when I hear that tickets are available as well.


The Missus' capacity never fails to amaze me.


Hi CP - LOL! I'm still amazed and we've been married for almost 10 years! Relentless is the word that comes to mind......

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