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Tuesday, 22 May 2007


Ellen Brenner

Don't feel bad, Cathy, I'm totally behind the curve on the whole boba phenom too, partly because I too don't go in for a lot of sweet. So knowing there are places I can ask for it unsweetened helps. Now do you think they would freak if I asked for 2% milk? :-D


Hmmm....Well, Ellen...I am not sure they have a choice of milk. As Andy mentioned above, they mostly use powdered creamer and back in the 'olden days' of last century, they were all made with sweetened condensed milk. I know there are a lot of soy drinks on all the menus and so that would be safe. I hadn't considered the calorie or fat count. Sorry. I am going to be trying Wandering Chopsticks' suggestion and getting the house tea, iced, the next time I go to Tea Station-or any of the other places. I have never read anything about boba being nutritious or healthful in any way, so am not sure why they do it...kind of just an add in...Anyhow, I was more impressed these places all do hot foods. I really never knew.


Welcome to the boba bandwagon.


Thanks, CP. I am just apalled at myself for not knowing about the abundance of snack foods within those darkened walls...

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