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Monday, 14 May 2007



Wow only 4 tacos? They sure look good. If I recall I think I can down close to 15 tacos but of course this is street tacos in Mexicao, which is way smaller and so much tastier,IMO.
Topped only with cilantro and onion, sauce is always on the side.

I think I am going for some tacos this weekend ;-)


Wow so cheap

ed (from Yuma)

Those look good. Yum.


I passed this place at least six times in the last three months, Kirk. I figured it was YATS (yet another taco shop). I must listen to my inner voice even more often... :)


Hi Billy - 15 tacos!!!! Yikes, you really can put it away. I'd still take the Missus in a Bun Cha Hanoi eating contest though. ;o)

Hi Liz - I dunno, we get taco truck tacos for $1.50, so I guess it's relatively inexpensive...unless you eat six of 'em!

Hi Ed - The Adobada is worthy of your presence, maybe the Suadero as well!

Hi Cathy - Always listen to that inner voice...though it depends on which shoulder it's standing....


When I used to work out in El Cajon, they had a TEG on Broadway for a short time. I loved the Suadero tacos. They described it to me as beef shoulder. I'd have no problem crushing 3 of those and 3 of the Adobada. But yes, the post TEG siesta was necessary. The one thing I always noted what that I wished their sauces were a bit spicier, but I'm a pepper head and always wish things were spicier.


Hi Bart - Man, I'm really not sure if I could do 6 of those! I enjoyed the "balance" that the sauces brought to the tacos.

Joseph E

Yum! I may have to try this place out on the way to afternoon clinic. I need to explore the taquerias of Chula Vista and San Ysidro more often.

Speaking of Puerco Adobada, check your email, Kirk. I'm going to have way too much left over if I don't get some help.

martha (yury)

ando en busca de un gran amigo
que se llama. rene macias lic.urquiza si ves este mensaje
comunicate [email protected]


Price update, the normal price for each taco is now $2 a taco, and the Lengua is up to $2.25. Still not bad compared to going south of the border and waiting the hours to get back into the States.


Hey RCLC - You know, I almost stopped in the other weekend when I was in the area.....need to do a revisit, I have'nt been here in a whle.

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