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Tuesday, 08 May 2007



Hey Kirk!
As much as I enjoy shabu shabu, I can never help but feel that I would have saved so much just by making it at home, never understood why it was so costly compared to other types of dining!


Hmm... that prime rib has a weird gray ring in the middle of it :-( It doesn't look as beautiful as the kobe in your Tsuruhashi post.


Sushi Deli 3 just opened up on Kearny Villa by Clairemont Mesa, you need to go there and let us know if it's good! Keep up the good work!


I went to Sushi Deli 3 the other day. It's pretty much the same as the other Sushi Delis.


Hi Kathy - Yes, since nowadays you can get good quality prime shabu-shabu cut beef, it is easy to make Shabu Shabu at home....though it was nice a relaxing to have it Suzuya.

Hi Howie - Funny, it's (supposedly) the same grade of rib eye as what I had a Tsuruhashi, I didn't get the Kobe there since they were out. This was the prime rib eye.

Hi Michael - You can take Fred's word below......

Hi Fred - Thanks!!!


Ye gods. I wouldn't go back there after seeing that yakiniku beef. I probably wouldn't even have eaten it. Then again, I'm a little gun shy after my recent bout with an invasive intestinal organism. Bleeding internally makes me cautious.


Hi Kirk,
Yes, this must of been an off night because the yakiniku is definitely delici-yoso at Suzuya. The meat used at Suzuya is a very high quality meat from Nebraska. The owners take pride in the quality used and try to focus on providing that authentic Japanese flavor and style to their customers. The price of the meat is definitely an affect from the cost of the product and the owners are not making much of a profit. Anyways, I'm sorry to see that you were not completely satisfied with your meal but I do hope you consider giving Suzuya another try. As for the empty restaurant, considering the location and local competition, it has been tough for small local businesses to survive.


Hi Faith - Suzuya was one of the restaurants that we so wanted to like, the service was nice, friendly, and accommodating, and we like the decor. So maybe we'll give it another try in the future.


Hi Kirk,
I've been lurking on this site for a while now, it's actually on MY rotation... for websites that is. Anyway, I've been to Suzuya twice now (because they had a 30% off discount thru June) and I really like it. I'm not quite the connoisseur you are, but I like to think I can tell bad vs. good vs. great food. Anyway, if/when you and the Missus go back there, you MUST try the Harami Ponzu. It's on the small dish menu (which is all in Japanese, so good luck trying to figure out other stuff). I assure you it's flat out delicious!

Btw, great site, I've found some great eats from you and the Missus. Thanks mucho!


Hi Anrtie - Thanks for the kind words. We will make an effort to revisit Suzuya in the future. I think that Skirt Steak (i.e. Harami) is probably one of the tastiest cuts.

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