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Wednesday, 23 May 2007



insanity, driving from san diego to vegas and back all in the same day. Couldn't meet you half way could he? in LA? haha *tsk tsk*


Eh,I'm the older one, Clayfu, so I have to make the effort (or Mom would know). He was technically working also. I have done this with him is kind of fun, in a horribly exhausting way. Halfway is those outlet malls near Barstow, fast food heaven. Actually, on this trip, I did crash in his hotel room and napped for a few hours before driving back.


Geesh! You're crazy! But been there and done that but crash at a busy rest stop. Those days are over for me!


Eh, it was fun, Bill, and I have done it before. This time I got to blog it though...oh wait until Thanksgiving this year...We couldn't do what we usually do because my wrist was broken and I had to get a new cast(to my shoulder)(a total of seven casts) every few days...that will be a series of *extremely* interesting posts... ;)


Um...did anybody else notice the 4 1/2 hour one way from Santee part???


Oh I recall your little accident that was bad.....

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