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Thursday, 31 May 2007



Hi SK - Somehow I think that you wouldn't need any help from me at all........

Hi CP - Somehow, my faith in business has been somewhat restored at bit.....

Hi JosephE - Yes, World Foods is much closer to you! We still shop there on occasion since we often eat in the neighborhood.


Hi Kirk,
I was reading about your cancelled vacation and was wondering about dog boarding. You have your 2 precious boys and you must've used a dog sitter for overnight boarding. If you could, please share where you board your dogs since I am in need on a good dog sitter (preferable with a secure backyard for our dogs to roam around) to board our 4 dogs for a several nights. Thanks for reading my comments!


Hi Minote - I sent you an email with all the info!


best pho ever in the restaraunt


Hi km - Though this location of Vien Dong(Linda Vista) has a fast food take-out section, unless things have changed recently, I don't think they serve Pho. Are you thinking of Pho Hoa Huang or Pho Hoa Hiep?

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