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Tuesday, 01 May 2007


Andy 美國土子

it seems almost if that glob of ranch dressing would kill all the benefits of eating that rotissiere skinless chicken. I'm guessing that glob would have half the amount of saturated fat already in the chicken eh?


Excellent observation, Andy! Thanks for looking at this post....I suppose people who are on a heart healthy diet are more likely to ask for low fat salad dressing, on the side...because they have been educated on how to order out. There were a couple of low fat salad dressing options available. I do so love crispy chicken skins.


Hi Cathy - Thanks for doing a post on this. I've always wondered about the place because of the somewhat odd name.


Ah, that's because you and The Missus are probably more used to those un-natural chicken places that serve the chicken with oh so un-natural pieces of crispy, delightful, fat under layered skin attached...along with bulgogi and kalbi that you don't know about until you look at the pictures at the front door. :) It is good and plentiful as well as inexpensive. We really have eaten here for years.


To get aside any of the dressing, a mix of the teriyaki already on the plate, soy, and sriracha make for a tasty dressing and it's much lighter than any added dressing.

I moved from San Diego about 7 years ago and this is the place I miss the most! :(


Hi, Eric- great idea. I have asked for dressing 'on the side' and have added sriracha and soy to it and then only dipped a fork into it and then into the lettuce...but making it all, using the teriyaki and no ranch sounds great. I'll try it- this week! I'm glad I brought back some memories for you.

danielle k

OMG!!!!!! my mom and i were just talking about this place!! i moved to st louis from san diego 12 years ago, i miss everything about diego, but this was just the best place to eat when i worked in mission valley!!!


How cool Danielle, small world. It is still there; The Mister and I just went a few weeks ago. I posted this about a year and a half ago. Great little place and seems to have never changed the menu in all these years: No need to.

Marla, Matthew, Mayson

I have lived about a block from this place for over 27 years and have eaten there more times than I can count! The food hasn't changed and except for the screen door, the restaurant hasn't changed either. The staff have always been extremely friendly and helpful to me (as I am disabled and need help from time to time) and to my kids too. I have never had a bad bite of food there!! Great food at great prices! I've both eaten in and I've taken it home. If you go there about noon to about 1pm, you'll have a line to wait in, but it always moves fast (10 minutes about the longest). If you like chicken, you'll like this restaurant!


Hi Marla, Matthew, Mayson and welcome to our blog! I love this place too- and ate here just last night (I was working for the Registrar of Voters and that was one of my neighborhoods)

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