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Wednesday, 02 May 2007


Christine D.

I shouldn't have read this post while I'm on a (relatively) healthy diet for a wedding this weekend! I've been noticing a lot of people talking about Mexican food this past week and it's driving me loco. Starting next week, I'm eating Mexican food everyday!!


Kirk, I see that you've been in my 'hood! Mexican Fiesta is where we go when we are sick of Little Italy food (happens frequently), don't want to drive, and want some good cheap Mexican food. There is another hole in the wall Mexican place around the corner called Taco Express. In fact, I stare at it every day from my office window. My husband and I have tried both places more than I'd like to admit and now, we only go to Mexican Fiesta. Some of my favs are Al Pastor burrito, Carne Asada burrito, Chicken burrito, and their breakfast burrito always followed by "extra hot sauce please!" The only thing I didn't like was their supreme quesadilla. Bleh! Anyhow, glad you got a chance to try it. My husband and I are dreading the day that a high rise condo brings the demise of Mexican Fiesta.


Oh and one more thing. The port-a-potties are not the norm. You must have visited the day after Art Walk. =)


Hi Kirk! Have you tried Tacos El Gordo yet? I looked through your previous posts and haven't seen any reviews...guaranteed no cheese or lettuce; just authentic, TJ tacos! Best tacos this side of the border!

By the way, did you see the Crasher article in the Reader with Chef Alexandria? ( Odd how no one at her party mentions anything about how her food tastes. Maybe they were afraid to say something bad, for fear of being thrown out! HA!

Sorry, couldn't resist! I just didn't like the way she handled herself last time she was on here...


Hi Christine - Hope all goes well for you can get back to eating! LOL!

Hi Hannah - I hope Mexican Fiesta is able to survive. I enjoyed the Al Pastor, and the portion sizes looked pretty large. Those porta-potties really threw me off...there was a nice stream of people making us of them.

Hi Dee - Chef who? LOL! Now don't go starting that stuff up again. People like that tend to be their own worst enemy.


No. 49 after No. 68 is being called? Must be worth the wait.


WTF - tacos with lettuce and cheese. That ain't no street tacos I have been to Zacatecas and I know what real tacos taste like ;-) not sure about the spit al pastor though. I get Mexican food fixin when I am in NoHo, the meca of Tacos.


hey Kirk! Thanks for visiting and for your awesome message-if there's any reason I'm good at food blogging, it's cause I always read great food blogs like yours and Reid's, Clotilde's, Orangette, Becks&Posh etc. The adobado looks delish-hope you're having a good food day! Penny


Kirk, I work downtown and needs a good burrito fix, I decided to try Taco Fiesta. I had the al pastor burrito. . .mmm. . .what surprised me was the lack of guacamole. Not that the al pastor (or more appropriately, adobada) needed it. Just as you described, it was very tasty. Now I definitely found my place for burritos in my area. Thanks Kirk!



I don't mean to be dramatic, but your first photo of "the little taco stand that could" really struck a chord with me. The thought of this little business surrounded by huge offices with a condo's-for-sale banner in the reflection creates such a powerful juxtaposition. Thanks for brightening my day!



Hi RONW - I really did enjoy the Al Pastor...very nice and soft. As for the wait...brings back memories of having to wait at W&M burger....of course we snuck and parked at City Mill....

Hi Billy - My first thought when I opened up that taco. You've never had Al Pastor trimmed off the trompo, all carmelized.....

Hi Penny - I always enjoy visiting Penny Ponders, it is one of my favorites.

You sure are eating up a storm recently!

Hi Jim - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! If the size of the tacos are any indication of how large the burrito may be.... It's good to see a little shop like this doing well.

Hi Ted - Thanks for commenting and brightening my day! It does make for quite a photo, doesn't it?

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
I was totally thinking of the Little House when I saw the picture! :) I like finding places like that too.


Hi WC - What would I do without great recommendations! Nice little taco shop....

Andy 食神

Ice berg lettuce and cheddar cheese... is this combination ever utilized en Mexico?

seems very Americanized


Hi Andy - I don't think so...


ew... XD...


Dear MMM,
Thanks for writing about the tacos here. My boyfriend moved to Little Italy back in January from San Francisco, and we stumbled upon this adorable hut while I was visiting. Of course, it was closed! Limited hours. :( He later called to rub it in about the amazing Cali burrito here. In his opinion, this is *the best* food in LI. Will have to keep the secret about the tacos until my next visit to SD. ;) Can't wait!

p.s. LOVE your site. I live in SF and still read it regularly. It ALWAYS makes me hungry. Your photos are too mmm-yoso!


Hi Tania - Weclome, and mahalo for the kind words. I thought the Al Pastor here was pretty good.

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