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Wednesday, 16 May 2007



Isn't $2.50 / $18.00 closer to 1/7 than 1/8?

It looks a little bit bigger than 1/7 to me too... I think we should dub this the inverse Costco effect.


Closer to, but still not, correct, Hao! (I meant the comment to show that there was no deal to be made on the whole pie, even if it was 1/7). I like your nomenclature! I had a similar comment on Arely Cafe- the quiche was $2.95 per 1/4 slice or $12 for a whole one...thanks for noticing.


Mediterranean Cafe is along my walking route and I've slowly watched the prices posted outside slowly go up. If memory serves me correctly, the gypo plate used to be less than $4. With Daphe's Cafe a few blocks east, they have some competition to contend with.

This post reminds me that I should pay them a visit soon and try finally try out key lime pie and maybe a sandwich!


Darlene: Daphne's is not even close in quality to this cafe. Daphne's is a pretty bad chain with mediocre food.


Hi Darlene- The prices on everything have gone up; its all part of that rickle down economics...factoring in increased fuel/delivery prices and increased minimum wage. Its more that Mediterranean Cafe has home made stuff, like the hummus and the Key Lime pie that makes me want to go back. Daphne's is a chain and so their costs are more contained. But by being a chain, some of the food is more 'standardized'. It isn't bad food, it's just not as 'home made' as Daphne's.
Hey, Honkman- good to hear you comment. I haven't seen many problems with the Daphne's chain, and the food isn't bad from them; it's always fresh and consistent. I think its a good alternative for the people who are trying to escape from the burger rut or at least try something different. Mom and Pop places are scary to a lot of people. I know, not us, but I am surprised at how many non-adventurous people are out there.


Yeah, I agree on whole that I would rather give my money to Mediterrean Cafe over Daphne's anyday.

Mediterrean Cafe was my first foray into Greek food since high school. Sorry that you may have misconstrued my comment about chosing Daphne's over Meditterean Cafe or the food being any better. It saddens me to see Daphne's only a block away possibly taking business away from them.


Ah- OK, understood, Darlene. Communicating this way is sometimes confusing. Glad you would prefer Mediterranean Cafe. I haven't tried any sandwiches there though. The bread on the counter for making the sandwiches looked good and fresh, though.


Cathy, been there a few times. The lamb shank is very good. I agree the gyros are better than average but not great.


Hi Roland- thanks for the tip! I have sometimes had gyros where they slice it off the spit and then cook it on the grill, giving it a crispiness at least on the edges and I really like it that way. Can't beat the friendliness of the workers here, though.

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