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Sunday, 13 May 2007



LOL... can't you tell what they are just by looking at them? I don't eat chicken feet either, but I've tasted the sauce they're cooked in and it's usually very nice. Still can't bring myself to eat them, though.


Hi Hungry. Seriously, it was the first time any of us had ever experienced Dim Sum and each of us had only read about it but did not know really what to expect. It was a *very* long time ago. The feet were piled in a small bowl with a lot of red sauce and didn't look like anything. I know that chicken feet are supposed to be medicinal, and I occasionally still try them, but they are a lot of trouble and nothing I crave.


Looks and sounds like an interesting place for a date ;-)


The shrimp toast looks yummmy. That story about chicken feet is hilarious! Spitting out the feet has got to be everyone's first reaction, but there is nothing more impressive than watching a seasoned chicken feet eater spitting out a pile of spotlessly cleaned bones...


Click onto the photos, Bill. See the variety of dishware used and make note of *how* worn away the multitude of patterns are. Our water glasses were etched with scratches from being in the dishwasher so many times. It is a way old fashioned (70's/80's)date night place. Heavy red tablecloths, dark carved wood, moo goo gai pan...and the food does taste good. It is quiet enough for going on a date...
Hi, Sandy- The shrimp toast was great; just like we remember. I agree, once you know how to eat chee fee properly, you savor it and get every last bit of meat you can. I have had some tasty pieces, but still, never developed a craving.


I grew up eating Dim Sum with my family, so eating chicken feet seemed pretty normal to me. I don't really like them personally, since you're basically eating skin, fat, and tendons with a lot of bones to get in the way. It's a lot of work for not a lot of fulfillment.

My dad once told me that as a part of preparing the chicken feet, they remove the outermost layer of skin because it's very tough, as well as being the surface that stands in dirt all day long. So the feet aren't as dirty as one might think. I do get a bit grossed out by pigs' feet though.


I agree, Fred. So much trouble and you can't eat the feet bones. I love shrimp heads and tails and shells and catfish tails. Pickled pigs feet are yet another delicacy that I never embraced. Not so much gross as an acquired taste...


wow, I totally forgot about Mandarin China. That used to be THE ONLY dimsum place in San Diego. It was such a huge deal to have dimsum in SD. That meant no more driving to LA for it.


You are *very* correct, Toisan. I didn't put that into my post, but it may have clarified what I meant by "new phenomenon". Then again, when I said we had 'read' about dim sum...I meant off of paper, and not the internet, which, as you know, wasn't quite invented yet. Of course, it also puts an 'age' on both of us, too. ;)


I’ve been a frequent reader of this website and just had to comment on this place. My entire family (including cousins, aunts, and uncles) have been going to this place ever since I was a baby! (I’m now 26.) Even though the dim sum has gone down in quality since Jasmine and Emerald came around, this is the stuff I grew up on. They have the best crunchy seaweed shrimp rolls with this super yummy white cream sauce that I try to get at least every couple of weeks. They’re also pretty popular with their vegetarian options of mock meat and deliver within the OB / Sport Arena / Point Loma area.


Hi Ashley! It is so good to hear from someone who really knows this place. We will go back soon to try the crunchy seaweed rolls-sounds yoso-yummy! Thanks so much for stopping to comment. I did see that they deliver from 5-9 p.m. daily. This would make my life even easier if I lived in that neighborhood.


Cathy! Lovely posts! You mentioned Ann Arbor- just curious, did you study at the U of M?


Hi, Feng- Both Kirk and I have kind of kept anything "personal" out of the figured it out, although I did give a clue in my Dec 31, 2006 post (cross posted under What Cathy Eats; Yoso Silly; Sandwiches; Road trip) at the very bottom. You can click onto the photo to enlarge it. The Mister and I met at the U of M studied there and go back to visit once a year (which I will blog). Thanks so much for your kind words.


hey guys! as i'm sure you know i read mmm-yoso several times a week, but never have i been more thankful for it... t and i live in ob and wanted to get some delivery chinese and this was the only place i could find the menu for mandarin china on the internet! you guys rock for always posting photos of the menus for the places you review. :-) Muchas Gracias!


Why, thanks, Amanda. I guess we never even thought about it, just do it that way...or at least let people know how much stuff costs, to give them an idea. Now, did you like the food?

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