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Friday, 11 May 2007



Hey Kirk,
I had some problems similar to you with a local place down here. I told them medium and damn, buggah coulda ran away by itself. Now, when people ask me how I want my burger I tell them medium well to pulehu please. Just something about eating semi raw hamburgers man. My gourmet taste figures if it's burnt put more mustard and ketchup! I guess the plus side to this place is they have beers on tap which always earn triple bonus points with me!!



Doesn't seem like Lucky Buck's really wants your repeat business. Maybe their luck is what keeps them afloat, with food and attitudes like that.

Alice Q. Foodie

I dunno Kirk, I think I'd order medium rare if I were you. Just about every restaurant overcooks burgers these days in an abundance of caution. Other than that, the place seems to have promise. Doesn't sound like it will be putting Hodad's out of business anytime soon though!

Wandering Chopsticks

Unlucky Buck's? :(

I don't like dry burgers either. If I wanted standardized burgers, I'd just hit a chain restaurant.


Hey Kirk,

Thanks for saving me time and money…this place was on my list to try. Hopefully, I can save you some time and money; stay away from Boomerangs in Clairemont.


Just had fuddruckers - medium rare.
To bad this place can't seem to cook there burgers correctly for you.


Hi Kyle - A friend of mine had the same experience here in San Diego...ordered a burger medium and got seared raw hamburger.

Hi CP - The place has potential, but is very uneven.

Hi Alice - If the new medium is well done...why bother asking? BTW, I had a friend who ordered a medium burger at one of the local "diners" and it came out really bloody rare. I just think that most restaurants don't really care, to tell you the truth.

Hi WC - I can understand burgers being a bit more dry when char broiled, but that first burger was pretty bad.

Hi Jim - This place might be worth a shot...lot's of toppings if you like that kind of stuff. BTW, Boomerangs is coming up...I think you'll find it interesting.

Hi Billy - For some reason, I've never had much luck at Fuddies.


Well, Kirk, that stinks. But thanks for trying it out. Now i don't have to! I admire your persistence, though. I would not have returned after the first visit.
When you get a chance, check out Crazy Burger over on 30th and Howard. Their burgers are pretty dang good.


Hi Dave - You know this burger has maybe one day....


I just noticed the flag! Is Buck gay?


Hi Jenn - I'm not quite sure, but this place is located in Hillcrest, here's a link to the info about Hillcrest:,_San_Diego,_California


Ah, well - there ya go!


oooh, i haven't had waffle cut fries for so long! In the ideal world, you would be able to order a mix of waffle cut and curly fries in the same meal! :)


Hi Jenn - Now you're getting to know the San Diego neighborhoods! ;o)

Hi Kathy - What a brilliant idea! I'd add some onion rings to the whole deal...and never leave!


Im currently starting to work with the second hand business owner at Luck Bucks as a cashier. The stores owner appreciates feedbacks from its customers in order to improve there services. I was told that they are planning to have lots of renovations like a bar which will be starting soon.For those who took the time to comment on the restaurant on my behalf of Lucky Bucks we appreciate it. keep the comments coming. next time your at lucky bucks you i look forward in seeing you there to help with your food order.


Good stuff. Boomerangs in Clairemont is really good too.


Boomerangs has the BEST Stuffed Burgers ever! In addition to the burgers, there is a great selection of Vegetarian and Seafood options in case someone in the group isn't in the mood for a burger. The side dishes of vegetables and potatoes we delicious, as well as the chocolate, banana, carmel, raspberry, graham cracker crust cheesecake!!! (a little skeptical if ALL of these ingredients would work together, but was pleasantly surprised - if you like cheesecake don't eat this, it will raise the bar to a level that CANNOT be matched)

Great to find an local Clairemont alternative to Outback and Chili's. I can't stand waiting an hour for a table only to receive crappy food and service. I don't mean to knock anyone, but if you aren't prepared for a plate to cost ten bucks at a sit-down restaurant or want instant gratification, stick to places with drive-thru windows (you get what you pay for in life). I don't mind waiting a bit for food as long as the servers can get a beer to me in short order, it's waiting for a table that sucks. Fast seating and service at Boomerangs, they have a great selection of beers and they serve pitchers too! Ample indoor and outdoor seating, off-street parking, and flatscreen tv's in the bar area! The main dining rooms are very classy and there's a room for private parties.

The place is a little tough to find, but they will gladly give directions and help if someone gets lost - like me. Just remeber that it is behind the Pearl Vision on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and Clairemont Dr. I'm sure I'll see you guys there for baseball and football games in the upstairs bar. We'll definately be coming back for more...


Hi aang and Kim - A post on Boomerangs is coming up. I'm glad that "you feel so strongly" about Boomerangs. The reason I'm replying to both of you at the same time is because you both have the same IP address, so are either related, in the same household, or are one in the same person.I did find it funny, that what we called "filler" is now called "stuffed".....It's all in the perpective I guess. So stay tuned!


“Just remeber that it is behind the Pearl Vision on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. and Clairemont Dr. I'm sure I'll see you guys there for baseball and football games in the upstairs bar.”

My goodness, it sounds like a great advertisement without spell-check. I don’t think the place will last throughout football season! Kirk, I’m interested to find out how your experience went.


Hi Jim - LOL! I thought the same....but we NEVER GET SHILLS on mmm-yoso, do we? I mean, people would never be so brazen and insincere. (wink-wink, nod-nod)

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