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Thursday, 03 May 2007


Steve Dobbs

Hi Cathy. While reading your post, I was channeling the psychic energies of Kirk and he wants me to tell you that the sauce was too sweet, the meat was too dry and the dumplings didn't have enough "soup" in them. Otherwise, the place was great and the Missus enjoyed it a great deal.


Oh Gosh, Steve. I *so* do not have the same writing style as Kirk. At least I try not to. This just happens to be an Asian place...and I know I order (and eat) different stuff than he does...I am *so* Caucasian...I more was making observations of "basics" so that anyone who was wondering about the place would at least know it wasn't bad.
Oh, you were joking....


And don't forget....the wrappers were too thick, and the oil content of the broth fell short! LOL! This is funniest thing I've read all week... ;o)


Oh, heck, Kirk- Now I will be afraid to take a camera into anyplace with food you can eat with chopsticks.
Oh, joking, too...


"tempura'd asparagus," sounds yummy.


Hey, Ron- long time no hear! Yes, tempura'd anything is usually good, but the asparagus was especially yummy! Perhaps this can be the new treat at the County Fair this year...I'd buy it over the deep fried Twinkie any day!

Steamy Kitchen

I haven't had yakisoba in such a long time. I think I'll need to make it now - pic looked so good.


I have yakisoba cravings sometimes, too, SK. It's so simple to make yet I tend to only order it out. Lazy me! I hope you post yours so I can see how it looks. I really like your blog. Learned a lot of little tricks already.


I was looking for a sushi restaurant that was close to home, had great food, great atmosphere and friendly service. I know that you both eat in the Mira Mesa area from time to time, so I thought I would check to see what you recommended.

I stumbled across this particular review on Happy's Sushi and the Mr. and I had to try it. Let me say, it was everything we were looking for and more. We arrived in time for the "happy hour" and we had a great time. We sat at the bar and chatted with the owner and the guys behind the sushi counter. They were more then helpful with their suggestions, were friendly and all there were just very nice people. The sushi was amazing ! Everything they recommended was just awesome, very tasty and very fresh. The portions were more then enough and the atmosphere was very relaxing. All around just a great place to go !


How very cool, Annie. You finding out about a place via our little blog is exactly why we do it! I do hope the radio was a bit quieter than it was on our previous visits. Happy hour always helps me learn about a new place without spending as much money. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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